The 4 Sexual Deviants

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  • AllTimeJeff

    An elder who was at Bethel in the late 60's told me one time that Knorr said that he knew there were tons of young brothers who were masturbating, and that he wanted any who wanted to stay at Bethel talk to him after morning worship.

    There was a line of young men, staring at the floor outside of Knorrs office.

    Dissed, I didn't read Farkels words as you did, but to each their own.

  • Farkel


    :I went back to reread your Knorr take. You implied rather strongly his homosexual tendencies, similarly to a way someone who gossips, wanting others to draw wrong conclusions.

    Rubbish. Here is what I said. What is "implied rather strongly" about this?:

    "There were rumors he had homosexual feelings and felt guilty about it. Of that, no one can know."

    With regards to Knorr's obsession with touching one's wee wee, that is a FACT, and anyone who ever served at Bethel during his tenure will attest to it.


  • JimmyPage

    The dubs who monitor this site are going to love this thread. I know I did!

  • metatron

    As to disfellowshipping, the legalistic arrangement that we have today was put together under Knorr. Obviously, you had people like Moyle who was denounced and shunned but you also had all sorts of shenaningans in regard to private sexual conduct of Witnesses.

    You also had people shunned for getting married or having children! I'm not kidding.

    There were quiet divorces, there were homosexual relationships, there were visits to prostitutes. They got ridiculous with Rutherford's criticism of "character building" instead of preaching. I recall a anecdote about a Bethel brother who went to the Judge and confessed to fornication with a sister. He was asked if he told her was sorry (??! he did!) and told to get back to work!


  • isaacaustin

    AE, Crisis of Conscience details those poilicies you just asked about, what they were and when and how they were changed. Why not read Crisis of Conscience simply as an academic exercise?

  • scotsman

    1 possible adulterer and 3 celibate men. Deviants?? I was hoping for something a bit more titillating.

  • Farkel

    Here is a companion piece I did four years ago. It has some excellent back-up research by posters to the thread and it emphasizes the charismatic natures of the 4 Presidents which helped transform the Bible Studies movement into the Cult it is today.

    The Cult of Four Just Imperfect Men


  • snowbird

    FAR - KEL!!!

    You simply go, Bro.


  • JeffT

    The more I've studied since I got out, the more I realize that the top dogs in this circus MUST know that they are living a lie. It first showed up for me when I was able to compare the complete text of Rutherford's "advertise" speech with the one that was typically quoted in publications. This is another good example. They have to know that these are not the Godly men that they are held up to be. I can only hope that these jerks spend sleepless nights wondering what's going to happen to them when they do get to stand before the great Judge.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Thanks Farkel, really appreciate this just glad it's changed because clearly there are grounds for divorce even if homosexual acts!! I'd have disagreed if it were still the case because they have committed adultary, even with the same sex and with an animal...

    Pleased you showed me that..thankyou.

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