The 4 Sexual Deviants

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Farkel, I know this is my absolute sore spot where JW's are concerned, but I hope I will be excused for telling my Rutherford stories. (again)

    Shortly after being appointed a MS, a CO who admitted that he checked out apostate websites for the GB started a conversation with me about the Proclaimers book. I mentioned I read "Faith on the March" (written by A H Macmillan, ghost written by Tinker Bell) and all that went on with Rutherford and how he found out that he was made President while in federal prison. I also mentioned that Rutherford was against prohibition....

    The CO said "You know Rutherford was an alcoholic...." before he caught himself and tailed off. I let it go.

    Flash forward to Gilead, June 2005, 2 Kings 1, my epiphany. I had already been shown a homemade Bethel video that shows Rutherford gardening at Beth Sharim. GARDENING. The effort was to soften him up as we had to write that

    I had read a ton about Rutherford. I knew he was a heavy drinker. I didn't yet hear about the womanizing, that came after.

    I was already sick to death of the GB's attempt at indoctrinating me to believe that the GB and the Presidents of the Society were prophesied about, and that one of the bible's biggest missions in our day was to prophetically point to them.

    But when another bible character, Elijah, was supposed to prophecy the existence of Rutherford, that was it. It wasn't so much Elisha being the match of Knorr, it was Rutherford. Somehow, my brain just stopped me from going any further.

    It all hit me at once. The coup and legal takeover in 1917. The compromise of the 7th Finsihed Mystery volume where. The obsession with alcohol during the 1930's. (don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining.) Beth Sharim. The way no one ever said that Rutherford was loving and Christlike.

    He was not only a bully, he was THE bully that turned Jehovah's Witnesses into the braindead heartless cult they are today. It hit me all at once not to waste any more "belief" on this religion. Because I knew if god existed, there was no way he would ever pick an idiot with the character of Joseph Rutherford to lead his people.

    What Rutherford deserved was a judicial committee with 3 brain dead elders who moonlighted as janitors and window washers. That would have been fun to see.

    I get sick to my stomach whenever I read of how JW's continue to insist on glorifying his punk ass.

  • metatron

    I think that Franz took a personal vow to remain single and that came up in the big time talk he gave at a Gilead graduation years ago about vows.

    Sitting around naked with Franz in the Bethel steamroom was not sexual. I tried it and it was all I could do not to pass out from the heat. At least he had a sense of humor, unlike Knorr, The Great And Terrible.

    Oddly, the most warm comments about marriage came from Franz and the most harsh came from Knorr. I have trouble believeing that he never consummated his marriage but I think I heard that his widow remarried shortly after his death. He was an extremely negative figure. Rutherford was an absolute dictator and bully but liked drink and had some 'understanding' about sexual needs. Remember, there was no disfellowshipping back then.


  • Farkel


    :Rutherford was an absolute dictator and bully but liked drink and had some 'understanding' about sexual needs.

    Especially his own.

    :Remember, there was no disfellowshipping back then.

    Walter Salter was disfellowshipped in 1937, I believe. At Rutherford's insistence.


  • BabaYaga

    Bookmarked and thank you.

  • dissed


    Just about everything I've learned about the GB from this site, shocking as it may be, has been proven true.

    Not that I was holding on to my old JW faith in defense of them. It just seemed so extraordinary to be true.

    Russell portrayed as the kindly old god-fearing gentleman - an adulterer and liar (True)

    Rutherford used by god to separate the JW's from Babylon? - Adulterer, drunkard, full of hate for his brothers, smoked, liar (True)

    Greenlees, a marvelous speaker - Child molester (True)

    Chitty - dismissed for drunkenss, maybe gay? (True)

    And yet, as bad as they were, its the cover up and lies by the current GB that is just as dispicable

    Knorr is the only one I personally knew.I worked with him on something just before he died.

    Those are new charges I've never heard before. Like the others, they seem extraordinary. But the others proved true.

    I do know he married suddenly (was it to cover up his homosexuality?(ala...Rock Hudsen at the time) His wife lamented, she didn't have a husband. I always took it as he was married to the org.

    She quickly had a boyfriend after he died.

    Knorr talked intimately about marital bliss. (was he just wishfully boasting?)

    The jury is still out on Knorr for me, but my eyes are opened and my hears are still listening.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    To be fair

    Russell portrayed as the kindly old god-fearing gentleman - an adulterer and liar (True)

    To date therre is no absolute proof he was an adulterer. Maria swore in their divorce hearing that she didn't think he had commited adultery. HOWEVER, there is enough information (sworn in court) that he did his share of flirting around the ladies, one Rose Ball in particular who was named in the court records. Russell himself said he would flit about and land somewhere and if he didn't get a response he would flitter about to the next. To me that sounds like there was more than just Rose Ball.

  • Farkel

    Lady Lee,

    I was careful in my thread topic not to accuse Franz or Knorr of homosexual conduct. There were quiet rumors about both of them, but even the rumors weren't very scandalous: more like someone's personal conjecture. We know dubs do that sort of thing all the time, so those rumors don't lend themselves to much credence.

    You are correct about Russell. Maria didn't think he committed adultery and that's good enough for me. Russell did love attention and he was caught kissing Rose Ball, but that isn't really proof of anything immoral. The only thing that is interesting is that I recall Rose Ball was much older than Russell hinted she was when they first met.

    Russell's avowed celibacy towards his wife during his marriage is all the evidence I need that he was a wacko, sexually speaking. And that is a known fact about the man that is beyond dispute.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Doug You are so right. it is good enough for me too. But we all know how the WTS says WE are the ones spreading false rumors. In reality we are the ones dispelling them most often and proving a thing or two along the way

    You know though, that a married brother kissing a sister who is not his wife would get his a$$ dragged in front of a JC now though.

    And yes He tried to pass her off as in her early teens. I think one mention was about 10 or 12 while other places refer to 15 or 16. But the papers were found that showed she was in her 20s, and not an orphan as he claimed. Her father was still alive although I don't think anything was found about her mother.

    We have some great researchers here!!! and they uncovered a lot about both Russell and Rutherford.

  • dissed

    Russell was caught kissing a 20 year old women on his lap? Try that and see how long before your wife serves you with divorce papers for adultery.

    Rutherford later lied in his booklet saying it was a little girl and it was a good night kiss. Rutherford new what was going on and was willing to lie about it.

  • dissed


    I went back to reread your Knorr take. You implied rather strongly his homosexual tendencies, similarly to a way someone who gossips, wanting others to draw wrong conclusions.

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