Why do JW's pussyfoot around saying what Armegeddon really is?

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  • isaacaustin

    They have to pussyfoot around when it is- it has to be soon, around the corner to keep the captive slaving vigorously for the GB...but they are careful not to put a date or time limit (such as the 1914 generation blunder)....

  • designs

    What if its all an allegory like Jonah and the story of Nineveh.

  • sacolton

    It will be a happifying experience.

  • designs


    What kind of meds do you have to be on to come up with a word like Happifying...

  • teel

    I read the word "happifying" here on the forums first (I'm not native English, in my language there's no such made up word). When I first saw it in context, the term conveyed a thought of brainwashing or hypnosis to forcefully make someone happy. Not that it's not the truth, but I found it funny to even admit that in the literature

  • carla

    Isn't 'happifying' a wt word? or was it 'happified'?

  • Farkel

    :Why do JW's pussyfoot around saying what Armegeddon really is?

    In order to assist Jehovah's Spirited-Directed(tm) Governing Body help JWs be a bit more candid in field service presentations, I worked up and submitted 4 different presentations they could include in their Kingdom Ministry.

    I haven't received a response from them yet, but I'm sure they will take my fine efforts into prayerful consideration and implement them real soon now.

    Field Service Presentations That Tell the Truth


  • Farkel


    :Isn't 'happifying' a wt word? or was it 'happified'?


    Some Really Dumb Watchtower Words


  • DaCheech

    I wonder if any of them have the guts to tell the house owner: "believe, or else I'm gonna own your house after Armagheddon".

    go pick that 5 million dollar house in beverly hills and take it over: "god gave me this property for being a beleiver"

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    For the same reason that terms like "ethnic cleansing" and "the final solution" came about.

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