Why do JW's pussyfoot around saying what Armegeddon really is?

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    JW's make Armegeddon sound so sterile with statements like:

    "When God brings an end to this old system." "When Jehovah

    intervenes in mankinds affairs." "At the conclusion of this system

    of things.", etc, etc, etc.

    Why not just say: When Jehovah slaughters every man, women, and

    child who is not a Jehovah Witness. When God destroys 99.9% of

    the worlds population. When God kills everyone who does not believe

    in Watchtower doctrine even though they babies, children, or have

    never even talked to a Jehovah's Witness.

    Why don't they just tell the truth?

    Sour Grapes

  • isaacaustin

    theocratic warfare strategy

  • Scully

    It's part of the indoctrination process/con game.

    They get you hooked with the idea of Living Forever In Paradise on Earthâ„¢ and the idea that Jehovah will destroy "wicked people", which doesn't include the potential recruit (why would they call on someone who was "wicked"?).

    They catch people when they are at a vulnerable point in their lives. People looking for reasons why bad things happen to good people, why there is suffering in the world, etc.

    If they came right out and said "Join us or God will kill you" (which is their message, in a nutshell), they wouldn't get very far, now would they?

  • BorgHater

    Yes, they mainly use terms like that when talking to householders on the ministry and other unbelievers. But apart from that, many of themlovedescribing it in the most gruesome terms possible! Some witnesses have a morbid, unhealthy obsession with Armageddon and all the gory details IMO. When i was a jw i just tried not to think about it if at all possible...mainly because i thought i'd be birdfood anyway lol. The thought of millions dying horrific deaths did not excite or delight me in the least, wheras some seemed to get an almost orgasmic pleasure out of dicussing it - wierdos!

    BorgHater x

  • leavingwt

    Why does Jehovah hate Chinese people so much? He's going to kill more than a billion of them. Doesn't seem quite fair.

  • jambon1

    My wife does this. When I go into the details of what they believe, and why I couldn't continue to believe it she becomes very uncomfortable.

  • glenster

    Why does Jehovah hate Chinese people so much? He's going to kill more than a billion of them. Doesn't seem quite fair.

    Jehovah got Food Poisoning..

    At a Chinese Resaurant..

    Jehovah has been Pissed Off with the Chinese since then..


  • sd-7

    The obvious reason is "insider doctrine vs. outsider doctrine". 'Join us or die' is not a particularly effective recruiting strategy--at least not for people who don't have guns and all. Once I was in long enough, I understood that that was the world JWs lived in, and I couldn't wrap my mind around how that could be love, justice, and wisdom all rolled into one near-eradication-of-mankind. I couldn't see much of a difference between God being ruthless and Satan being ruthless. Well...here's hopin' I don't become a divorced, atheist ex-JW.


  • JWoods

    Jim Jones was pretty circumspect about the kool-aide, too. At least while he was still getting soup-kitchen money from San Francisco.

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