Why do JW's pussyfoot around saying what Armegeddon really is?

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  • moshe

    God would have to have to know who was on the good (JW) side and who was on the bad side ( the other 99.9%) in order to carry out this Armageddon plan. Somehow God knows who to kill and who the goats are, but knows who not to kill and can read the heart of the ones on the fence at the KH. Nice theory.

    This same Jehovah can't figure out what KH the pedophile JW's are hiding in, who the bad elders are and how to communicate to the GB before they pubish their false "new light", that gets reversed in a few years. Perhaps the entire notion of a "personal God" is out of touch with reality.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes


    I like your thought process. God can read ones heart condition to see who

    will get wacked at the GT but can't see which memebers are having sex

    with minors in the congregation.

    This is why I am just Sour Grapes

  • AllTimeJeff

    Since Besty has trademarked the phrase that describes JW's as "an end time cult without an end time" (thanks for that) I would offer the following.

    Armageddon worked up until 1975. It's been a slow trickle ever since then, a waking up from the haze that says "Huh? What does this really mean?"

    Armageddon was great when there was an end time. Now? Who the hell knows... (well, we know.. but...)

    No JW EVER gives serious thought to the ramifications of what a JW Armageddon scene would mean for the earth. We told ourselves "It will be more then just JW's who survive, because Jehovah can read hearts."

    But the fact is, its a disgusting teaching. It galvanizes people under the worst common demoninator ("us" vs "them"). It allows you to not deal with reality by simply saying "Its all good. Jehovah will destroy them one day."


    More and more this is why JW's attract a certain kind of weirdo into their fruity little club, ones that hate the world and are borderline antisocial and anarchists to begin with. Those that have been wronged and would love to see the world go up in flames.

    They are ready made Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Now if you will excuse me, I am going to have some mandarin duck for dinner....

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes


    You are so right about the "us versus them." JW's also do not have a very deep thought

    process mechanism since all of their thinking is done for them, from what to wear and

    what to eat, to what is permisable in the bedroom with husbands and wifes.

    They think that God is going to wack 99.9% of the earths population and then at

    last Paradise. One little problem, what is going to happen to all of the dead bodies?

    Not counting JW children, each JW adult will get to bury about 2,000 dead people.

    And then we have the problem of cleaning up all of the destruction that is so

    well illustrated in the Watchtower mags without electricty. What happens when

    we get tired of siphoning gas out of the gas stations storage tanks and we run

    out of fuel. Get the picks and shovels out and go at it. I can hardly wait.

    Sour Grapes

  • scotinsw

    Outlaw - you make me laugh so much!

    I think he had a dodgy curry one night as there are a billion people in India too.

  • God_Delusion


  • teel

    "Jehovah will clean the Earth of the wicked people" - I used to ask my JW wife: can you show me one person, that is so clearly wicked, that he will die for sure? She always says that we don't see into the hearts of the people - so why is it that "this system of things" is so wicked? Surely if the world is so full of evil people you can at least point to some as definately beyond redemption. Yet as I look around me I see mostly nice people, willing to help when help is needed - these same people sometimes do wicked things too, but that's just human nature, we are all the same, even JWs.

  • carla

    My jw claims that all of you apostates and Christendom lie about jw's armegeddon scenario because we say things like 'jw's prophesied the end of the word in 1914,1925,.....1975...... etc... when they clearly do not believe that the world will 'end'. I attempt to point out that it certainly will be the 'end' for the rest of us non jw's. He fails to see this disinction or lack thereof as the case may be. Then comes his feelings of selfrighteousness because he thinks he has a 'gotcha' moment.

    If he ever leaves will they give his brain & thinking skills back?

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    This was one thing that always bothered me when I was in- that people's salvation depended on how they responded in that thirty seconds that a JW was at their door. Especially when most of them had the same preconceived ideas about our religion as we had about theirs. Why would god destroy people for responding as they were conditioned to?

  • jookbeard

    isn't it ironic that the so called creater of all things has so much hatred? those poor Chinese/Thai/Burmese/Korean/Japanese/Malay/Indonesian/Philippine/Cambodian/Vietnamese which make up such a large percent of the worlds population that he wants to murder? Odd

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