Did You Ever Spank Your Kids?

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  • Jim_TX

    No - didn't spank my daughter.

    Yes - got beat... er... spanked - as a little kid. My dad (and later my mom) used to beat me with a leather belt - for minor infractions (well... I thought so).

    Funny though... he never spanked my older sisters. He musta been one frustrated person - I had 4 older sisters... and they weren't 'angels' - and did things that shoulda been spanking offenses.

    Sad, but most of the memories I have of my father are of the beatings.

    Am I 'dumber' as a result? I don't think so - but if our government sets up an 'aid' program for those who were spanked as a kid - I'll be first in line.


    Jim TX

  • blondie

    Good reasoning, Gladring. I know there are people who do hit, beat their dogs. But that is not discipline, how even less with children.

    The Dog Whisperer says:

    Never strike a dog. Never let an animal push your buttons. Never, ever correct an animal out of anger or frustration. When you try to correct your dog out of anger, you are usually more out of control than your dog is. You are fulfilling your own needs, not the animal’s. The dog will sense your unstable energy and often escalate the unwanted behavior.

    Did you know that the first case of child abuse was prosecuted under the ASPCA laws against animal abuse?


  • chickpea

    i was beaten,...

    my mother used a riding crop she bought in mexico..
    called it a quirt... she was a raging drunk with anger issues...
    she didnt care where the blows fell, she just kept swinging....
    here's to ya lizzie!

    i did spank my kids...

    in private, under control and limited to 3 swats...
    they actually had great influence in whether we
    got to 3.... by the time they were double digit in age
    we had moved beyond that

  • minimus

    I knew a guy who would hit his pit bull in the face with a closed fist. He would emonstrate how well trained and obsdient the dog was. The dog died many years later and the guy bawled his eyes out crying. (Maybe he knew it would be hard to get another stupid dog to train).

  • Farkel


    :Fark, u have no kids.

    Whatever made you think that? I have four and they are 39, 36, 29 and 27 years old. My oldest is a Medical Doctor, OBGYN and every one of them is happy and well adjusted. None of them were exposed to any WT bullshit.

    They obviously took after their mother!


  • minimus

    My bad.

  • PSacramento

    Yeah, every so often they get a tap on the butt, just to get their attention.

    I went medivel on my eldest once and give her a good smacking( She did somehting really, really dilly after I tolder her NOT to do it over and over), of course I only hit her butt, well, not really, I hit MY hand that is over her butt but that's because after 30+ years oa MA training, my slaps tend to be a bit harder than I like them to be.

    Every so often they get a "flick" across the head too !

    LOL !

    Compared to the beatings I used to get, they are pampered princesses !!

  • minimus

    I spanked my daughter once or twice. She used to steal candy while in the carriage shopping with her mother. My wife would realize it, sometimes when she got home and would scold her. She was about 5, I think. My daughter would vehemently deny taking it. Every week, the same thing... I spanked her and after a while she admitted stealing and promised never to do it again. She had been extremely stubborn . The truth is, she was a delight as a child, teen and adult.

  • dmouse

    I would like to be spanked please. Oh hang on...

    I used to spank my kids when they were very young, too much really, and I now regret it. As for intelligence, my eldest lad was spanked the most and is also the most intelligent of my kids. I was clipped around the ear when I was a kid/teenager so much that I developed a nervous twitch whenever my parents passed by! I'm now educated to degree level.

    While I believe the option should be there for parents, I've seen too many abusing the method. Once the child is old enough to reason then there are more effective ways to discipline. Though having said that, my kids now say they always prefered a short, sharp slap on the butt at the time of the misdemeaner to being grounded etc as they considered that form of discipline cold, calculated and cruel!

  • mrsjones5

    "my kids now say they always prefered a short, sharp slap on the butt at the time of the misdemeaner to being grounded etc as they considered that form of discipline cold, calculated and cruel!"

    Ya, that what my siblings and I used to tell our parents cuz being grounded seemed to go on forever....

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