Handy ladies

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  • crazyblondeb

    I love my tools!! I can do electrical and plumbing repairs!

    It helps that i work at a national home improvement store!! I have to put blinders on!!

    Plus, I learn alot from working there!!

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  • stillin

    we have a very handy (single and attractive) lady at the KH who has asked me to save wood scraps for her, which I have done. But now I'm too shy to tell her that I have wood for her.

  • asilentone

    LMAO at Stillin

  • LouBelle

    Well I don't have tools - the only things I've got are: butterknife - this doubles up as a screwdriver and actually works wonders, stardriver, a jack, wheel spanner and other things like jumper leads, tow line, lil air thingie for the tyre and that is about that. However even though I may not have the tools I can demantle my toilet seat and replace, know how to change tyres, drain oil and replace, battery, check fuses & change, replace a radiator, wire a plug, rewire my lamp etc etc - I don't particularly like doing all of things all of the time - but being single you need to know. There are times when I do wish for someone else to worry about it...but reality check, this "cinderella" gets down and dirty.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It's good to see so many other talented ladies out there who refuse to allow a "Prince Charming" take care of her house and home. The "damsel in distress" is one fairy tale that is slowly dying

  • beksbks
  • chickpea

    the biggies?

    one of my (female) mates and i built a 4 stall stable
    attached to a pole building, and i did the wiring after
    spending 3 evenings at a library reading books on
    wiring design... including a 3 way switch

    did a rip and tear to totally gut a 2 story house,
    leaving only the frame, jacked it up to demolish the
    field stone foundation that was shitting out at the corners,
    built forms and hand mixed concrete for the new foundation,
    hauled sand for weeks, one wheel barrow at a time to fill
    the former crawl space in order to pour a slab under the house,
    and help lay the tubing for an infloor zoned heating system
    prior to the concrete "pour"whch turned out to be a wheelbarrow
    job since the truck couldnt reach the house.....

    tiled a couple of bathrooms

    re-roofed a multi-purpose building last fall, with the same mate
    that i built the horse stable with

    built 2 tongue and groove knotty pine closets in a basement bedroom

    built a handicap access ramp for a 20 year old doberman

  • musky

    Beksbks has quite the muscles!

  • beksbks

    Chickpea has quite the resume!

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