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  • AGuest

    I LOVE it! Girls who fix things!!

    My father was a turbo diesel mechanic (he built my first car, a 1962 Ford Galaxy 500 "bomb" I named "Mergatroid," from junk yard parts!)... so I grew up fixing things. I have a couple tool boxes, tool drawer, sockets/ratchet set, a cordless drill, a circular saw... AND... I just got a new variable speed jig saw a couple weeks ago so that I could install a doggie door for my puppies. Got that done last week and they're learning to use it (yay!!). My next project is to cut holes in my kitchen cabinet doors and install glass (I like that look and found a website that shows how to do it - looks easy enough - ). Wish me success (or that we have enough savings to replace them all if I screw it up!).


    SA, who would LOVE to get that new cut-everything-from-ceramic-tile-to-wood-all-in-one-little-thingy-on-TV but since it costs about $400 probably won't, on her own...

  • Farkel

    I like to crochet pink, lacy doilies.

    Farkel, Radial Arm Saw CLASS

  • beksbks
    I like to crochet pink, lacy doilies.
    Farkel, Radial Arm Saw CLASS

    You must have a lovely home Fark (pink?)

  • cognac

    hmmmm, never dawned on me to actually try and fix something myself around here... Let me try it and I will get back to you.

  • minimus

    I thought this was referring to something else. My bad.

  • TD


    Do any of you ladies have brand preferences? For example, it's hard to find a corded drill better than Milwaukee for the money, for jig saws, Bosch is the only way to go, etc.?

  • coffee_black

    Ms Fixit here. I've installed cabinets and assembled and upholstered various furniture pieces, installed floating shelves and closet systems.

    I can install windows...(but I work for a window company..so that's no big deal..I teach architects all the technical stuff about this)

    I have installed pretty much any window treatment ever invented...and have sewn draperies, pillows, duvet covers etc. I can install wallcovering of any type, and can do faux finishes (used to co-own an interior design showroom)

    My son cracked up when he visited recently and he saw that I have an electric drill, electric screw driver, and small electric saw. I can do minor plumbing repairs, and can usually fix most things around the house.

    I don't do much in the way of auto repairs... thank God for AAA.

    When I was in high school I wanted to take Shop. I wasn't allowed to because "you will hurt yourself, dear"


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I have lived with 3 men. The first and third were useless about fixing anything never mind building. The second was blind but he still knew the difference between pliers and a wrench.

    My most used tool is the cordless screwdriver.

    I have built a desk and a bookshelf (both electric and hand saw, level, hammer and screwdriver), sanded down a buffet (sander and a screwdriver to remove and replace doors) and refinished it, reupholstered a sofa and chairs (screwdriver and staple gun), built a small porch on the back of the house and even climbed on the roof to shingle it (hammer, nails, level).

    I've always done all the repairs and upgrades around the house:

    • remove standard light fixtures and replaced with fans/lights (screwdrivers)
    • hung all the curtains, stripped the walls of wallpaper and either put up wallpaper or painted the walls (although he did help with the painting) - (screwdrivers, paint brushes)
    • have have always taken apart broken appliances and fixed them (best and most cost-saving were the vacuum cleaner and microwave) - (screwdrivers)
    • built and/or repaired my computer (screwdrivers and pliers)
    • taken apart both a wheelchair and a scooter and replaced the batteries

    Probably a lot more things that I can't think of now.

    Both my parents were very handy with tools. The kids were often recruited to help by handing tools to them so we all learned how to do these things - one of the few positive things I learned from either of them.

    I know i have a better toolbox than some men I know and when repair men come to fix my power chair they often say they have to go back down to the truck to get a certain tool. Invariably I have it in my tool box and they are always impressed.

    I have a large and small yellow box with frequently used tools. But I also have a bin that is stashed at the bottom of a closet filled with all the tool I don't use too often but can't part with

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    coffee - way to go - I don't do cars either but I do know the difference between the radiator and the carburetor

  • coffee_black

    I don't do cars either but I do know the difference between the radiator and the carburetor

    I know the difference too...just don't know how to do anything to fix either one. The world is a much safer place without any attempt on my part to do so.


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