How Did You Handle Sitting At The Meetings?

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  • yknot

    It all depends on the subject.

    If I like the person or subject I will pay attention.

    If I don't, then I either read a book from the KH library in the second school or I sit by the door in the second school and watch the Brothers as they count attending and goof off by the lit counter....via window reflection

    ((( Question: Besides counting attendance and one to escort any would be guest or those running late to available seats what exactly else are you boys suppose to be doing - we have 4 guys every meeting who just never sit down)))

  • lisavegas420

    writing lists...groceries, things to do. (it looked like I was taking notes)

    or I'd study ahead in the WT, so I'd be ready with a supid answer.


  • Finally-Free
    writing lists...groceries, things to do. (it looked like I was taking notes)

    I often wondered why it was always the sisters™ taking notes while the brothers™ were either asleep or scowling at someone. Now I know what the sisters™ were really doing.


  • vilot

    It was actually the mind numbed meetings that lead me to my path out...sitting there listening to the same crap year after year I would zone out. My mind would wander on things I had never considered ,I would thumb thru the Bible and begin to think "this stuff just doesn't make sense". For years I would just flip to the required scripture and never even think about it. As I began my "personal" bible study there in the hall it finally made sense the Bible (to me) was not the word of god but of man...Then I began to study the history of the WTS, I would never consider apostate sites but I didn't need to their history, beginning with Russell, proved to me it was all a sham...

  • Charlie Cheddar
    Charlie Cheddar

    Depends. I've got to admit some of the speakers were good at speaking, and sometimes the topics of talk were interesting.

    Of course sometimes it was completely boring, and then just found myself thinking about getting home and breaking my bottle of Whisky open.

    Other times i'd just scan the room and check the sisters out, and if they were looking ok that evening, and if by chance of luck they were wearing anything sexy.


  • lepermessiah

    Here is my latest strategy when I go with my wife on the occasional Sunday:

    1) Run Late

    2) Dont have time to eat breakfast

    3) Stop for a coffee and donut

    4)Coffee is too hot to drink on the way to KH, so after the song I go out and drink my coffee at a casual pace

    5) Get up at the beginning of WT study, go for some fresh air as my "Allergies" act up

    6) come back for last 20 minutes or so!

  • minimus

    I was considered a very good speaker. I'll never forget the time I was giving a public talk and some old bro was snoring rather quickly, rather loudly. He was one of the first in line to tell me how much he "enjoyed" my talk.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Toward the end, I was bored. I didn't get much out of meetings, esp after Gilead. Before Gilead, I was way too fried thanks to work and elder stuff to pay rapt attention to anything other then elders and servants I wanted to counsel after the meetings. (I was an @$$hole for a bit as an elder.... I got better as time went on...)

  • minimus

    Leper, I found excuses to leave the meetings too. I was the FIRST out the door, often before the meeting was over. If they were 1 minute overtime, I departed.

  • lepermessiah

    LOL Minimus,

    I used to get that as well when I was giving talks.....

    Someone would be sleeping the whole talk and then come up and tell you how great your talk was.

    It was usually an old timer who if Jesus Christ would have come and personally given the public talk, he would have slept through that too.

    Also, started the same way with the other meetings when i was going - I used to bail out after the first half all the time during the TMS/SM because the Service Meeting was the most boring for me, plus I couldnt wait to bolt.

    If I did stay and the meeting would run more than 30 seconds over, my wife would laugh at me because i would get so pissed off!!!

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