My Neighbor Spoke To Me For 1 Hour As To Why I Need To Accept Christ!

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  • undercover

    I have some non-JW family who are in some kind of backwoods Appalachian fundie church thing. If anything can be worse than JWs, it's that.

    I've gotten lectured to from time to time in the past. Now, on the rare occasions I see them, I make sure to make them uncomfortable with my (somewhat exaggerated) hedonistic tales of debauchery from the past weekend. It usually causes them to go find a quiet room to pray and avoid me.

  • WuzLovesDubs
    WuzLovesDubs reeeeally dont want to piss off a neighbor who thinks he is on a mission from God to eliminate demons you may or may not have LOL! He might just take it upon himself to SMITE THEE.

    Hey...I see that shit all the time in the news. They all look like Charles Manson in their mug shots :)

    RUN MIN!!

  • WuzLovesDubs

    ...and he didnt get that mail by mistake. He most likely took it so he's have an excuse to come over and exorcise you.

    Next time he comes over, spit green pea soup at him.

  • minimus

    I'm not searching for Christ but I was told repeatedly today that he was going to pray that the Devil leave me and let Christ into my heart. He was commanding the Devil a lot. I told him I thought they were obsessed with the demons and Devil and that he reminded me of the young girl who had a demon spirit telling everyone to listen to the apostles. They cast the demon out of her and once again I said I'd pray that the demons are cast out of them.

  • minimus

    He told the girl he was with that GOD wanted them to bring the mail so that they could talk to me. I thanked them for the mail and told them God evidently wanted me to save them from the Devil.

  • daniel-p

    Tell him to stop tripping balls.

  • OnTheWayOut
    My neighbor near my workplace brought a piece of mail delivered to him by mistake.

    Not the old "I got some of your mail" trick. That's usually used to meet potential dates, but now this one uses it for his ministry.

    ...has dreams and visions of events that have supposedly happened that he prophesied beforehand.

    Did you tell him you are from a group that prophesied things before they happened? Well, that they re-wrote their own history to say they did, so you aren't likely to fall for that.

    ...we're living in the last days

    I would tell him to come back when we are in the last seconds.

    "As soon as you leave, I'm going to pray to God and ask him to help you get away from the demons grip that they have on you".

    That's pretty good. Don't forget to mark this on your field circus.

    Thanks for sharing your moments with a prophet.

  • minimus

    You know, he started asking me if I believed in psycho babble and mental health experts and I said I did. He said the girl with him used to be in a gang, was on all types of meds, had been in psychiatric hospitals but found Christ and is in no need of drugs. They both said that with faith in God, we can be healed. I disagreed. I said if a person has true mental illness, it's been proven that it's not demons or lack of faith, it's about proper medication. He backed off and said in some instances, he agrees.

  • OnTheWayOut
    He backed off and said in some instances, he agrees.

    When they lack his type of faith- like you or me for instance.

  • minimus

    He smiled when I asked him if he was a prophet. The girl quickly answered, "YES, he is". He said, "I never said that". I said, "You sound like Jesus with Pilate". I then said, I think you could be a prophet---a false prophet". He said, "Nooooo noooo noooo".

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