My Neighbor Spoke To Me For 1 Hour As To Why I Need To Accept Christ!

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  • minimus

    My neighbor near my workplace brought a piece of mail delivered to him by mistake. He and his employee/student from his martial arts studio came by and he began preaching to me about Christ. He's a Pentecostal Christian who has dreams and visions of events that have supposedly happened that he prophesied beforehand. They stayed for an hour and told me that he needed to tell me that I "Needed" Christ because if I didn't accept him I was going to go to Hell. (Basically, he's a good man who believes God has used him to help people get saved). He remembered I was a JW and asked me if I was aware of C T Russell and everything he stood for. I told him that I knew a lot about him. He expressed how we're living in the last days and how he's helped so many to know Christ. When I began to resist his stepped up efforts to "accept Christ", he told me the Devil was trying to keep me from "being saved".

    I then told him that due to all the dreams he says he has, there were at least 6 different ones he told me about, I was concerned that he had one of two problems. Either he suffered from mental problems or due to his fascination with demons and the Devil, maybe he was the tool of the demons. He strogly resisted such a horrible thought and said he would pray for me to "put away my pride and accept Christ into my heart". I responded with, "As soon as you leave, I'm going to pray to God and ask him to help you get away from the demons grip that they have on you". They left a tad disturbed with smiles on their faces.

    I have to pray now.


    I prefer the non Pushy Christians..

    I don`t want to be saved..

    I want a cold Beer.


  • undercover

    You took that BS for an hour?

    You're a more patient man than me, my little red dot friend.

    Funny how you turned the tables on him, but to sit there and be insulted for an hour (going to hell on your present course) is more than I could bear.

  • leavingwt

    Perhaps he can bring some wine, next time.

    I'm all in favor of a little communion.

  • Leolaia

    What were the nature of the dreams? (just curious)

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    My Neighbor Spoke To Me For 1 Hour As To Why I Need To Accept Christ!

    And what did you decide?

  • undercover
    ...but to sit there and be insulted for an hour (going to hell on your present course) is more than I could bear.

    I have to comment on my own post....

    Ya know, I spent decades bearing the BS the JWs spewed...

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    So are you searching for Christ Min?

    Not that there's anything wrong with that . . . .

  • dinah

    They would get two minutes from me, barely...........

  • minimus

    The nature of the dreams---very very dark. He saw a man who was very educated from Panama, a doctor, and he tried to help him out too but only got a dismissive tap on the back and he left. Nights later, he had a dream og a black horse that was stricken and God told him it was the doctor. The man begged God to spare him. The next day he found out the doc was stricken with a stroke. The man prayed to God earnestly for him to be healed and he was healed.

    Another dream was of a 21 year old girl who worked for him who was involved in Wicca and witchcraft. She stopped her involvment but stayed on with a boyfriend who the martial arts expert said was of the Devil. He then had a dream that she died. Days later she was dead. Another dream--at 3 am every morning a woman with a sword would try to hurt him and he finally had her exorcised from his dreams and she was from the Devil and he prayed that if she would stop afflicting him, he would tell everyone he knew about Christ. So now he preaches to everyone!!!!!

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