Who Or What Influenced You The Most To Get Out Of The Religion?

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  • minimus

    For me, I think it was time and the realization of the idiocy of the beliefs and man made doctrines. I just couldn't ignore it any longer.

  • JWoods

    I had the great privilege of being a close friend of Marion Dunlap (Ed Dunlap of the Ray Franz book's younger brother) - from the 1960s all the way to leaving in the 1980s.

    But the doubt had already started some years earlier after a careful research into why the JWs put Jehovah all over through the New Testament.

  • snowbird

    Reading the Bible sans WT "aids" and getting a much clearer picture of Jesus of Nazarath.

    I came to the conclusion that if He did, indeed, appoint a "slave" to care for His belongings, that slave had no connections with WT!


  • leavingwt

    The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures


    Being raised in an Idiot Cult..

    I`d rather have Questions I can`t Answer..


    Answers I can`t Question..


  • minimus

    Tell me more about Dunlap(s).

  • bigwilly

    I think it was the treatment of my sisters by the elder body and in particular how I was expected to treat the one that got DF'd. After that and a move to another state I was thoroughly unimpressed with the alleged JW family and began to fade. Once fading, it was only a matter of time before a more objective view of the borg took hold.

  • lepermessiah

    I`d rather have Questions I can`t Answer..


    Answers I can`t Question

    As the Guinness chaps would say Outlaw - BRILLIANT!!!

    I HATE how DOGMATIC they are about everything - we are the authority, even though we have been wrong about every prediction and tend to change our doctrine like the wind........but you better not question anything you APOSTATE!

    That and the RAMPANT HYPOCRISY!!

    How do most of these people read Paul's description of love and think it describes them?

    How do they shove John 13:35 down everyone's throat saying that it proves they are Jesus' true disciples while many treat people like crap?

  • OnTheWayOut

    I think it was time and the realization of the idiocy of the beliefs and man made doctrines. I just couldn't ignore it any longer.

    Similar. I have posted it on my own threads, but for my own sake, I will give the Reader's Digest version. That will make me think about how happy I am to be rid of that monkey on my back.

    I was shocked at the 1995 change in "this generation." I was further shocked that most members thought it was no big deal, either because they didn't pay attention to doctrine or because they lived through this stuff before (example- 1975).

    I started planning to retire and die in "this system of things" instead of counting on the very very very very imminent end. I also started researching "secular" sources at the public library concerning dates and histories and the gospel. I stayed a JW for too long after that, but at least I was a free independent thinker. I had been a brand new elder around 1995 and continued in that role, but gave kinder, gentler advice to members, never giving the only real answer that all elders have: "DO MORE reading/studying, praying, meetings, field circus."

    Well, 2006 came along and I finally got too many straws on my back. There had been a letter after the Kingdom Service School for elders reminding us that elders can be totally forgiven for WT-defined sins in the past without even a JC provided they say they ceased their sin and a few years have gone by, proving they are used by JAH. What a crock. Publishers would get restrictions, elders should be at a higher standard.

    I served on a JC where the organization was more important than the individual. I hated that.

    I heard a GB member speak at the DC. I didn't know who he was, yet I proclaimed their messages from the platform.

    I just couldn't do it anymore. I started research on the internet, included "apostate" sites, I resigned as an elder, I faded fast and stopped attending meetings altogether by the Memorial of 2007

  • JWoods
    Tell me more about Dunlap(s).

    Marion used to be the Assistant Cong Servant when we started going in 1963 because my parents got mad at the Presbyterians/Methodists. Oklahoma City Oak Glen congregation. He was one of the few servants who actually took an interest in the young people - also he had a wide interest in literature, science, art, even cars etc...and watchtover stuff alone is just about the most boring thing ever to a young 13 year old captive. He also had a devastatingly dry sense of humor and a comprehensive and photographic memory of the bible itself - not so much on the watchtower like old Albert Shroeder prided himself with. In short, Marion was the "THINKING MANS ELDER" - which made it about as big a shock when he went apostate (to OKC) - about as bad as when Ray Franz challenged the guv body. Many years later, I went to him (I was presiding serving Elder in another cong at the time, now Marion was city overseer in Oklahoma City.) I was concerned over many illogical and even false teaching being spouted forth. Very quietly, a little by little, he told me about Ed. His hope at the time was that the Society was undergoing a fundamental change and that things would soon be better. I don't want this to get too long so maybe will start a thread to continue in another place.

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