Who Or What Influenced You The Most To Get Out Of The Religion?

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  • asilentone

    I did not feel like to go to ALL of the meetings, field service, studying, etc... I just quit many years ago.

  • TheClarinetist

    I left, but was never certain that that was exactly what I wanted till I found out about a child molester in my home congregation, who was still at large and had not been reported to the police. At that point, I decided that the JWs were not the true religion, and that even if they were (a doubt that fades every week in me) their god is such a cruel one that I would never go back.

  • BabaYaga

    I left because I knew disfellowshipping was wrong.

    (Of course the irony is that I realized I might bring the same injustices upon myself for my stand and leaving. It was worth it.)

  • undercover

    No one person, no one thing.

    It was an on-going thing. Doubts that kept pushing through and changes that didn't make sense. The more I tried to push down the doubts, the more unhappy I became as a dub. Then one day I went on the Internet and typed "Jehovah's Witnesses" in the search line...

    Even that wasn't enough at first. I refused to accept it. It had to be aposate rubbish. I had to verify it. I pored over WT publications. I went to the library to research things I had learned online and to compare to JW publications. Eventually though it was too much. I had to accept that the Society and thus JWs were wrong.

  • trebor

    The Watchtower Society's publications including their contradictions and the ever changing interpretation of many things, as well as their own version (The New World Translation) of the Bible.


  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    For me, it was the lies.

    When I realized the Watchtower Society was outright lying to cover their history of false prophecy I knew immediately they were not the "true religion". Their doctrine was of no consequence. Their lies simply precluded any possibility of them being God's organization TM .

    I documented a number of their lies on my website:


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I think the thing that prepared the way for me was being exposed to critical thinking skills. I was really clueless about any of this until I was around 30 years of age. When I stumbled upon the date 587 a short time later, my mind was ready to accept what was clearly laid out in front of me.

  • minimus

    JWoods, please tell me more of the Dunlaps. Thank you.

  • JWoods
    JWoods, please tell me more of the Dunlaps. Thank you.

    Really, I need to. Let me try to post up another thread tomorrow - need to think back so I can put the most interesting stuff into good order. For now - Marion was, BTW, sort of an absent minded professor in his own way. I remember one time he showed up in his house shoes at the School/Service meeting and had to go home and get his good ones as he had a part on the Service Meeting after the school. Another truly hilarious story was that we had to sit as elders and consider making my ex-JW-wifes older brother an MS. Ronny (dead now from AIDS, sadly) was obviously a homosexual. Everybody went around and around without saying the words - just JW stuff like: how much time does he have, is he sound in the truth, blah blah blah. Marion put a stop to it: he just says "Now Brothers - have you considered one simple thing? THAT BOY IS QUEER!" Pretty much the end of the story. You have to consider (to picture that scene) that Marion was a big man - maybe 6'2" or more, looked very much like the older Sean Connery, and had the gravel voice of a caucasian James Earl Jones.

  • minimus

    JWoods, I love this!

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