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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Years ago there was a Night Gallery episode about a sin eater. Richard Thomas (john boy Walton) played the part. It was very creepy. He did all the stuff mentioned, the bread on the chest etc. The pain he went through when he took on the sins was immense. The episode was called, "The sins of The Fathers" 1972. Also there is a movie where the main character takes the place of the devil by eating his sins in this way. Big budget movie at that, titled: The Oder. Heath Ledger was in that one. Creepy too, but really fun. W.Once

  • wantstoleave

    Tigeress, Ive always heard that the likes of Hitler wont be resurrected. At least thats the consensus in my area, because he directly attacked the witnesses. Not saying this is what I believe, just what Ive heard growing up....that people who outwardly, openly mock and cause trouble for witnesses, if they die, apparently wont be resurrected.

  • Farkel

    I think God should resurrect everyone, so he can explain to all of them why he screwed them all up, whether it be at birth, during childhood, during adulthood, during old age, in relationships, disasters, wars, famines, disease, and religion.

    He at least owes everyone a reason for his insanity with his treatment and suffering he tolerates towards own children. If he won't even do that, then he is not only a cruel and uncaring God, he's a cruel and uncaring god who's a chickenshit.


  • snowbird

    Thanks for all the replies!

    Aligot, your remarks are so deep; I agree on the "wait and see." If only Russell & Co had done the same!

    Dissed, you made me LOL. Your wife seems to be a jewel.

    YKnot, let's keep searching together, sister.

    WAEO, creepy stuff, to be sure.

    Chalam, I simply LOVE you, my brother.

    Farkel, you are a rogue and a rascal - albeit a likeable one.


  • Farkel

    :Farkel, you are a rogue and a rascal

    Mark Twain was an avowed atheist, due to losing his wife and daughter so young in their lives. When he was dying, someone asked him what he would say to God, if he had to face God in the afterlife.

    Twain said, "That's easy. I would say, 'God, you've got a hell of a lot of explaining to do!'"

    He was a rogue and a rascal too, but he had some pretty good ideas!


  • snowbird
    'God, you've got a hell of a lot of explaining to do!'"

    I'll bet millions of others feel the same way.

    I know I do!


  • Chalam

    Hi yknot,

    Okay so based on Stephen's post (page 2) Asking forgiveness isn't necessary as all sin has been forgiven, past present and future. I am a bit confused as I thought that passage was meant to explain why the Jews offered blood sacrifices and we don't as Christ setting up the 'better covenent' has acted as the sacrifice on our behalf thus we don't have to kill stuff and take it to some Temple. But if he is correct why does the "Lord's Prayer" have the asking of forgiveness and 1 John 1:9?

    Good point. It is good to ask for forgiveness, as the Lord's prayer says. However, this is not what saves us. It is the sacrifice of Jesus which saves us from all our sin. All we need to do is come into that covenant Luke 22:20 and it is all taken care of Hebrews 10. That is not a license to carry on sinning either!Romans 6:1-3 Hebrews 10:26

    What about all the other stuff within Christiainity....like profession of Jesus as the Christ (what about that 'heathen' who has never heard of Christ), what about yall trinitarians who say all must be trinitarian to be saved?

    To become a disciple of Jesus is to "profess Him as Lord" and be saved from one's sins Romans 10:9

    I am not trying to be obstinate I truly am just trying to understand and I am sincerely confused~

    Hey, no stress. If you have been a JW you will have difficulty understanding what is written. Ask the Lord to clear the fog :)

    I am sorry but the only thing I have ever truly discerned on this subject is Dubbievision and admittedly I leaned more toward Russell's version with mortality in the millennial reign rather than us living for a 1000 or so years.

    To be honest, all this "end times" stuff is a poor second to one's standing with the Father right now. Either one is either seated with Christ right now in the heavenly realm or not Ephesians 2 Colossians 3

    They are neither believers, have Christ as their mediator or have any eternal hope at all

    Stephen........this is too broad of a statement, that is like saying all Catholics shun birth-control. People have individual scrolls not scrolls by denomination..... Loves Ya but many JWs do believe (and profess) Jesus as their mediator (picking and choosing WTSisms)....some even partake on the sly before or after the Memorial Meeting too.

    Well they could well be justified for their faith in Jesus and not believing the doctrines of the WT, I agree. However, I think the WT lead people away from Christ and any hope.

    Confused but Curious.....Yknot

    Happy to be of service, nice talking with you.

    All the best,


  • JWoods
    Oh, good! Jehovah learns from his mistakes! Now THAT is about as comforting as taking a dip in the Great Salt Lake after getting hit by schrapnel!

    Exactly! For another example - look at the rainbow! This proves that Jehovah knows that the flood was merely an evolutionary screwup, that the Noah descendants were just as bad as the rest of them, and that the flood really accomplished nothing in that regard. Hence, he promised to NEVER do THAT again.

    Moving ahead with that thought - maybe on the other hand, he realized that the warming effect (or cooling effect, whichever) of the great water canopy was screwing up the planet and he needed to dispose of it. This would imply that he could afford only one Ark.

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