Proof texts that Jesus was, and is, God. Any ideas?

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  • Narkissos
    do you see the silliness of this whole punishment routine.

    I do, and I have explained that before: that was a major realisation when I exited the Watchtower. And while I could never buy into "hell-stuff" after that, this didn't make me unsympathetic to "orthodox" Christology and Trinity doctrine; quite the opposite in fact.

    That's the reason why I think you are making the wrong connection.

  • PSacramento

    There is no need for an allpowerful and all knowing being to punish anyone.

    I think the only "punishment" that there can be for anyone is to NOT be under the love of God and perhaps this "torment" is the one that may happen to those that CHOOSE to do what is wrong even when they know whatis right.

    That whole fire and brimstone in Revelation doesn't really make a lot of sense to me and very out of character for a loving all knowing God.

  • designs

    PS, yes, most books of the Bible have labels or key phrases to help the reader know a hyperbole and symbolism from a literal meaning.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    Hell has no meaning for me, nor do I fear death or torment and I certainly don't fear my beloved Father and his Son.

    When you say Hell has no meaning, are you saying you don't believe it exists? Or are you saying like me, as a child of God you have no fear because you are redeemed from it.

    If you don't believe in it, what do you do with the Wrath of God? Does God's justice make Him unworthy of your love?

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog
    You conceive of a Supreme Being who tortures people for all eternity.

    For those who continue to sin for all eternity.

    You who oppose justice call it torture.

  • designs

    Allah Akbar baby, take no prisoners. You're a riot DD.

  • glenster
  • avishai

    why does it matter? Such a petty argument that really has nothing to do with anything.

  • designs

    avishai, narkissos-

    Silly in some ways but there is a correlation between what people believe and their actions. We were willing to see that connection as Witnesses, and we should just as easily see it in other religions...And then of course there is the whole ethical issue of what this says about a Supreme Being.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    You're right. It shows that you oppose ultimate justice.

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