All Gays Are Perverts

by Coded Logic 31 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • stuckinarut2

    Are they comparing a child molester to a gay person?


  • talesin

    To address the OP. Yes, I left because of an incident with my pioneer friend, who was secretly gay (1970s). He hung himself because he was gay and a JW. "Where would he go?" :' (

    Though I hated being a JW and didn't believe in their teachings, I was a 17YO born-in pioneer, pretending to be happy 24-7. And living in a deep, life-long depression. I know why the caged bird sings. [reference Maya Angelou]

    Less than six months later, I left the KH, never to return. I could not deal with these smug hypocrites who preached that my buddy was 'of Satan' - so much so, that he felt he was worthless and ended his life - yet, they were fornicating and getting drunk and lying. I've been a supporter of the LGBT community all my life. It was a proud day (2004?) for me, as a Canadian, when we recognized same-sex marriage. And I don't often claim pride in my country. xx tal

    PS. to dubstepped - my dad used to get mad at me for 'defending those homos'.  It makes me very sad, that he has such horrid feelings for 'other'.  x

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