All Gays Are Perverts

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  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    "Scientists may never resolve exactly how much of a role nature and nurturing play in same-sex attraction. But one thing is clear: All humans are born with the tendency to succumb to wrong thinking and inclinations. --Romans 3:23. A youth who desires to please God must therefore conform to his moral standards and shun immoral behavior, though doing so may be agonizingly difficult. True, some individuals may very well be prone to homosexuality...

    . . . Similarly, a Christian cannot excuse immoral behavior by saying he was 'born that way.' Child molesters invoke the same pathetic excuse when they say their craving for children is "innate." But can anyone deny that their sexual appetite is perverted? So is the desire for someone of the same sex."

    It seems to me that the "gay issue" has really galvanized my generation (the Millennials) away from religion as a whole. I know that 2 out of 3 JW kids will "leave" the organization by the time they're young adults. But I can't help but wonder if this percentage will start dramatically rising as the WTBTS sticks to it's hard line stance.

    What are your thoughts? Anyone else leave the Society in part due to their treatment of gay people?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Me thinks that the Bat-tower teats gays better than apostates.
  • littlerockguy

    I don't know of any straight people who have left the organization due to religion's view on the gay issue since most people do not leave the religion unless it is something that effects them personally.


  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic
    Perhaps a straight person on here could share their discomfort as a JW with thinking all gay people were bad.
  • smiddy

    I have known a number of people who have left the organization or been D.F.since coming out as gay , both male and female .Both sexes being children of elders who of course disowned them.

    When I was a true-blue J.W.,while I didn`t support or condone gays I had a B.I.L.who was gay and I treated him normally and respectfully.

    Now I have absolutely no problem with anyone who is gay , male or female , I have a few relatives nieces, nephews etc,who are openly gay , that`s their choice of lifestyle and if their happy isn`t that all that matters ?

    I think a problem with many straight people is that they think " gays" are all sexual deviants who are out to corrupt society , which is just not true .


  • Simon

    There are undoubtedly "immoral" gay people but there are many more immoral straight people. Does any group really imagine they have the moral high ground? Why should one group get to define what is acceptable and what isn't? Most people are who they are born as - if people want to judge then why don't they judge their god for his "faulty creation" (in their view).

    This is why religion is such BS. It isn't any real standard, it's often simply an excuse for people to play out their prejudices.

    I doubt I'll be in any gay-pride marches anytime soon unless someone I knew asked me to but I'm glad I'm generally no longer as judgmental of others as I would have once been when I was a JW.

  • Zoos
    Anyone else leave the Society in part due to their treatment of gay people?

    I left entirely because of the gay issue. All the other realizations came after my disassociation.

    You cannot lay down such a hard line anti-gay policy and it not effect the attitudes of the masses towards gays. THEY SAY that they accept gays at the Kingdom Hall, and to be fair I experienced that from a few that knew I was gay. But by far the attitude was stand-offish by those who knew me, and a willingness to verbally trash, condemn, mock, joke and make fun of gays by those who didn't know me - didn't realize they were talking about me to my face.

    The simplicity of "hate the sin, love the sinner" goes as far as the paper it is written on, for most. That rule falls apart when you have speakers from the platform ranting about how disgusting homos are, how obscene they are to look at in public, how demoralizing it is to be mistaken for one,... and the rants go on and on.

    Later, when you wake up and realize homosexuality is not the sin you had always been led to believe it was, then:

  • Vidiot

    "All Gays Are Perverts"

    Here's a news flash; the vast majority of straights are freaks, too.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Anyone else leave the Society in part due to their treatment of gay people?

    Of course not! The biggest problem the WTS/JWs has to deal with is APATHY among the R&F. Unless someone is affected personally (at least by close family member like their child) by the WTS/JWs stand against homosexuality, they aren't going to rock the boat in which they are sitting.

    LittleRockGuy summed it up right on.


  • FayeDunaway

    I didn't leave because of this issue, no. But I have to say that this issue is what caused my daughters to realize the society Is bigoted and that they never want to go back. They both have boyfriends, but my daughter was president of the gay awareness club in high school. My second daughter, who was mentally loyal to the org, said 'well they're stupid then' when I told her witnesses disfellowship gay people and that issue alone made her finally decide to move on.

    hatred of homosexuality is the new racism. Witnesses better chage their doctrine before they are looked upon like the KKK by the general populace.

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