All Gays Are Perverts

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  • Finkelstein

    How can you call someone a pervert when their inherent genetic preposition says that they were born gay or homosexual ?

    To counter oppose that inherent genetic position would essentially be a perversion in their own sexual identity.

  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten

    This issue was always one of my cognitive dissonance triggers...pre JW, I had lots of gay friends that I loved dearly. So this issue always grated on my nerves. But being the good little JW, I just shut my mouth and tamped it down. But as I started working full time, and became a manager in a phone room, I came into close contact with people of all orientations. As part of my job, there could be no appearance of discrimination or bigotry...this was so freeing for me. I was finally able to "associate" freely with anyone I wanted to. I didn't do so outside of work...of course, but this actually may have been part of what started to cause my dissatisfaction with the whole lifestyle. It was also the cause of many disagreements between my ex and myself (I honestly think he's in the closet, even to himself.) Homosexuality was the one issue that he was completely violently opposed to...even after he was DF'd for being a drunkard and being with prostitutes...hypocrite...anyway...

    In the OP the quote... "Child molesters invoke the same pathetic excuse when they say their craving for children is "innate." But can anyone deny that their sexual appetite is perverted? So is the desire for someone of the same sex." How quickly will they DF's someone for being gay, yet protect the real perverts...sick!

  • Finkelstein

    Similarly, a Christian cannot excuse immoral behavior by saying he was 'born that way.' Child molesters invoke the same pathetic excuse when they say their craving for children is "innate." But can anyone deny that their sexual appetite is perverted? So is the desire for someone of the same sex."

    The WTS's attempt to join homosexuality with pedoifllia shows how ignorant they are on matters of human sexuality. They conjoin the two as a means to identify both of them as one and the same immoral act , when homosexuality is about two individuals who may be homosexual by nature, having agreement to a sexual act .

    Where pedoifllia is about one individual attacking an unknowing child who is not voluntary to this behavior.

    And the ending result the child suffers psychological damage by the adult's attacking behavior.

    The two are distinctly different human social behaviors.

    And that is also why one is deemed to be a severe crime and the other as a sin by perceived religionists.

  • Scully

    Little Rock Guy wrote:

    I don't know of any straight people who have left the organization due to religion's view on the gay issue since most people do not leave the religion unless it is something that effects them personally.

    To be fair, the WTS's position on homosexuality was not the only thing that caused me to leave the JWs, but I had a problem with their position and it was among many other things that, in their totality, made me realize the WTS was full of crap.

    I'd watched a documentary that claimed that there were differences in brain structure between straight males and gay males. It made me start wondering, What if being gay is not a choice? I started asking JW family members about scenarios such as What if a person believes that they are gay, that they've always felt attraction to people of the same sex, and that they were born that way, the same way people are born with a certain eye colour? If they chose to live a life of abstinence in order to remain faithful to Biblical commands, would they be allowed to Pioneer™ or have other Privileges™ in the Congregation™? More often than not, the answer was NO. They rationalized that merely believing that they were born gay was wrong, and they had to live the life of a straight person (get married, procreate) in order to "prove" they were living in harmony with the Bible.

    It started me thinking that it was so wrong to compel someone to live in a way that was repugnant to them, to live a lie and to intentionally bring others into that fraudulent life. I couldn't, for the life of me, reconcile that with a god of love, or even imagine that a loving god would expect that of someone. Even the Apostle Paul recommended singleness as a way of life, but why force someone to marry in order to prove that they've 'overcome' their sexuality, when it is how they are born rather than simply a choice? Do we ask people to change the colour of their eyes or skin? Or change their height? It made me very angry to imagine a life like that.

  • Gone and forgotten
    Gone and forgotten

    What Finkelstein said...

    In my mind...child sexual abuse is the same thing as rape! It comes from the same place...rage and control!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Do we ask people to change the colour of their eyes or skin?

    Were you aware that at one time the WTS taught that the black race was cursed (thus their servitude to the superior white race) and that their skin color would in fact "lighten" as they reached perfection?

    "There is no servant in the world as good as a good Colored servant, and the joy that he gets from rendering faithful service is one of the purest joys there is in the world." ~ The Golden Age (1929)

    "How could all men be brought to perfection and which color of skin was the original? The answer is now provided. God can change the Ethiopian’s skin in his own due time” ~ Zion's Watch Tower (1904)


  • LisaRose

    There has been a shift in how society as a whole views gay people in the last twenty years, people are much more tolerant and accepting of homosexuality, especially younger people. I am sure this does affect young JWs especially young gay JWS.

    The Watchtower can try to keep insisting that gays are perverted, immoral, deranged or bad, but most people know by that gay people aren't really all that different than everyone else, so the religion will be more and more out of touch with society in general and that will not help then retain membership.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    "Scientists may never resolve exactly how much of a role nature and nurturing play in same-sex attraction - surely attraction is nature, not nurture.

    Having been fed WTS crap as a teenager, I would say I was quite homophobic. Not a threat or nuisance to gay people, but part of the "it's not natural" crowd.

    After listening to different gay people, I can see that WTS told me nonsense. Most gay people aren't promiscuous, neither do they have a political agenda. Some Tory and UKIP MPs/supporters are gay, as well as the stereotypical activists - 'professional homosexuals' - such as Ben Summerskill and Peter Tatchell. Gay people are exactly the same as me with one slight difference: they find themselves attracted to members of the same sex. That's it.

  • FayeDunaway

    I hope I'm not ignorant about things here, but it seems to me that almost all homosexual men are born gay. Most lesbian women seem also born gay, however it seems in addition to that, other women make this choice themselves as they get older, to be with another woman as opposed to a man, usually due to bad experience with men and wanting to be with someone more similar to themselves. This sort of woman will sometimes go back to seeking males. I haven't seen the same thing happen much with men, although bisexual men usually choose one way or the other in midlife and tend to stick to it.

    is there any evidence that men EVER 'become' homosexual due to 'nurturing'? I haven't seen this. let me know if you know otherwise.

    That people are born gay has always been obvious to me. That they can never have a companion has always been a cruel idea to me. Born to be lonely forever! that is what is unnatural!


    Well, Jeehoober allowed the circumstances that make people gay, according to JWs. Now gay people get persecuted for something that God allowed. Who's the pervert/deviant here??


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