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  • isaacaustin

    right, no where does the Bible tell us to go to a false prophet, such as the WT

  • PSacramento

    I gotta be honest, whenever I hear certain things from JW's I wonder if they ever have read the Bible or any of the actuall chapters they like to quote verse from.

    I mean, if somone was to pick up the GOJ or GOL or 1John or even Romans and just read it from the first page to the last would they get ANY of the same ideas that JW's get?

  • BluesBrother

    That article is a classic doublespeak, intended for the public, whereas they DO believe that only dubs will be saved.

    " However, they also believe that it is not their job to judge who will be saved. Ultimately, God is the Judge. He decides.—Isaiah 33:22."

    But they go on to say in veilled terms :

    "God’s Word reveals that those who would be saved must not only want salvation but also cooperate with the Savior. To illustrate: Suppose that a hiker becomes lost in a wilderness. He desperately wants to find his way out. Will he perish, or will he survive? The outcome depends on the way he responds to help. Out of pride, he may refuse the help of a rescuer, or savior. On the other hand, he could humbly accept help and reach safety.In a similar way, salvation belongs to those who cooperate with mankind’s Rescuer, Jehovah God. "

    And who else uses "Jehovah's name " like they do??

  • isaacaustin

    pjs, you just said the GB runs the corp. Then you said the members follow Christ's leadership. That is incorrect. The captives follow the direction of the Gov Body, communicated to them thru the magazines, and correspondence at times in the form of letters to the congs. There is no Christ in the JW lives.

  • bluecanary
    We of the faithful slave

    Hello! pj professes to be of the anointed.

  • snowbird
    I mean, if somone was to pick up the GOJ or GOL or 1John or even Romans and just read it from the first page to the last would they get ANY of the same ideas that JW's get?

    Absolutely not!

    Which is why you always see a WT publication on hand in illustrations of JW's doing personal "Bible" study.

    My reading just the Bible, particularly the Gospel of John, is the main reason I bade them goodbye.


  • isaacaustin

    LOL pretty sad that the WTs daily text is considered by you to be an authoritative source pjs.

  • PSacramento

    By God's earth-wide congregation, do you mean the Roman Catholic Church?

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Their primary support of the organization then is with their words in preaching. It is a spiritual giving of charitable works.

    Unfortunately since the WTS. beginning they have sold scriptural false prophecies for PROFIT, using disingenuous

    tactics of fear and coercion to lure people into their control and slavery, in doing so ruining and decimating individual lives,

    separating and breaking apart families and causing thousands of unnecessary and unscriptural deaths.

    The WTS. doesn't really care about humanity in general, it cares more about keeping its acquired power and

    maintaining that power through sustaining itself with money, therefore the WTS. operates itself in a fashion that is more Corporate like than Christ like.

    The WTS. is just another of many religious publishing companies that exploits and manipulates the belief in the bible to

    simply sustain its existence.

    Many JWS and the general public are starting to realize whats been going on in Brooklyn New York for these many years.

    I would like to know if PJSchipper is counting time for his proselytizing the WTS. on this forum, a true and honest answer would be appreciated ?

  • isaacaustin

    PJS, can you please explain to me what God's organization is, how you have identified it, and why so?

    Thank you.

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