LaidOff Bethelites: Weeping And Gnashing of Teeth

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    "My husband and I were visiting Patterson Bethel a short time after these massive lay-offs occurred. We took a couple of Bethelites out to dinner and the subject of the cut backs came up. I raised the issue that these ones booted out were middle aged people for the most part who had denied themselves children, education, a home, a career and any sort of financial security (including social security because they never worked enough hours), and I expressed that I believed this was very bad treatment of these people by the Org. This particular guy heads his department at Patterson and feels very secure and smug and his reply to me, with a smile on his face, was "Well, they were deadwood". "

    Would that have been Ken Flodin or Ted Adams perhaps? Just thinkin' of who your husband might have dealt with...


    "It is interesting to read all these replies about this sad situation. I have noted that some feel sorry for these people and others not so much. I have mixed feelings about them."

    Having known thousands of bethhellites, that reaction is rational I believe. I'm coming to terms with the reality that I'd love to see many in bethhell escape and get on with happy lives. Others, well, like Gregor I'd say f--k 'em.

    Looking back I can now see that although I was supposed to "love" them like "family", some are pompous dip$hits, others are really good (but terribly deluded) people. Not that much different than in the congregation perhaps. There are the arrogant as$holes that you'd like to leave to their worthless delusions, and others that you would like to snap out of it... people that are kind, caring, and loving... but their brains are enslaved to a book publishing corporation.

    I hope that makes sense somehow.

    See See: Welcome!

    Is it a friend or a phoney that hides what's in their heart from those he/she cares about?

    Good questions. Okay, I won't hide what's in my heart... I don't understand the other questions that you posted.

    While there is validity in being open and honest, which I try to be, there has to be a stopping point in many cases. For example, if my mom were to show me a new dress that she loves but that I didn't care for, I'd say the same as Dad... "That's nice. I don't like it as well as your blue one. But it's nice too." I won't gush and lie about loving it, I'll just drop the subject. Is that "Honest"? Well, that's as honest as I feel I need to be. If it makes her happy and isn't completely, embarrassingly hideous, do I really need to start in with... "yech, what dumpster did you pick that trash out of? It makes you look even fatter than you are! Why don't you stop stuffing your face and lose some of that lard so you can really look good in something for a change? And the color of that tent really brings out the yellow in your complexion and the blue in your hair!" I'd rather be a live "phoney" than an honest corpse. (Okay, I'm being sarcastic here... in case you couldn't tell.)

    Of course, dealing with the JW religion is much more serious than an opinion on a dress. However, I'm just trying to point out that when you love someone, things get complicated. And you may not want to blurt out all of what's in your heart. I don't want to be shunned. I just want out of the JWs. They don't want to shun me. They don't want me to leave the JWs and they can't handle the truth about the truth and leave. Of course, the book publishing company wants to meddle and muddle. How do you navigate those stormy waters? Well, you do your best and see what happens. You can't turn off the storm or change the vessel. You start navigating the storm with the hope to keep everything together and make it to a safe harbor hopefully with everything, most, or at least the really valuable stuff intact. Or everything may wreck somewhere along the way and you finally hope to escape only with your life.

    Uh, sorry about all the illustrations here. It's the TMS training resurfacing.

  • DaCheech

    gregor you are right:

    they see what a crock it is, and at the same time encourage young ones to join the madness

  • frankiespeakin

    I'm thinking things at bethel are about to get worse with more sending out to pasture older ones who gave up everything to serve at bethel being thrown out like a bunch of old garbage of no use to the Corporation, with no retirement benifits and a burden for the congregation they are assigned to picking up the tab, with very little compensation from the Corporation they have devoted their lives to.

    O yea and the evil governments of Satan providing welfare services to pick up where the Watchtower Corporation has failed them now because the are a financial burden and no longer needed.

    Sad really sad.

    And it all fits under "seeking first the Kingdom" the Watchtower corporation's way. Jehovah must be smilling with approval at the WT Ccorporation's CEOs.

  • frankiespeakin

    Years ago the Governing Body encouraged those going to Bethel to make it a career and stay until this old system bites the dust. Many of those that followed this advice are now pennilessly put out to pasture and living inside spare rooms of kingdom hall relying on the hand out from the congregations they have been assigned to.

    I wonder what type of under currant this is causing among those at Bethel and how many of these old timers that survived that mass layoff are in fear of what the Governing Body will do as the Corporation continues to scale down its operations to save money. The future does not look bright for them as all these pedofile lawsuits come tumbleing in and drain the Watchtower Corporation of its assets.

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks for resurrecting this thread. So, the sword is still hanging over the heads of the remaining people there in an economy that grows worse, etc., and the remaining ones there cannot just rest easy!

    Unfortunately, back home the congregations are comprised of FEWER responsible working people nowadays (and more "marginal" people) than in years past.

    I am glad I am not there because I would not tolerate being hit up for money. In fact, it would be impossible for me to continue there, even if I believed the religion's doctrines.

    Hitting up strapped working people for money might backfire. There is always the risk that more people will be driven away, in addition to the "brain" drain that has and IS taking place.

  • 144001

    It's karma. For years, these bethelites helped preach the "word" of the WTBTS, including the idea that education is to be avoided. Now they will get to experience the life they have encouraged others to live.

  • soontobe

    CthulhuwasRIGHT doesn't think anyone has commented on the TERRIBLE example that the laid-off Bethelites are displaying, to the members of whichever congregations they've been sent to!!

    I mean - say you're a young person in a congregation where a laid-off Bethelite has been assigned. You watch as they struggle to survive, living hand-to-mouth on the charities of the Rank&File members of the congregation, observe their humiliation as they have to obtain the WORST sort of employment - with teenagers as their 'competition' for burger-flipping jobs and worse...

    Then, when the Watchtower Society yowls once again about the "evils" of higher education, would you, as a young Jehovah's Witness, listen to them???

  • Pickler

    This is a fascinating read.

    I hope Billy's situation has improved? I also understand the "self destruct switch".

    Soontobe makes a good point, what effect will these ex bethel persons have on the local congregations?

    Its made me realise something....all those years of anti education messages & "Jehovah will provide" came from people who were "institutionalised", many of them have never ever been out in the real world trying to find a job. They never expected to have to fend for themselves.

    the people who never let me go to uni were window cleaners & house cleaners......they looked at me, I was young & smart & they tried to make sure that I would never be anything more than them.

    sure, when you are 18 you can get any kind of job. When you are 50+ so much harder.

  • frankiespeakin

    Failure to file an appeal they have just lost a major lawsuit, a definate down turn for this corporation expect more mass layoff due to bad publicity and lower demand for published products and electronic advancements.

    Looks like 2013-2014 to be a very bad year for revenue.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "I hope Billy's situation has improved?"

    I haven't been inside a KH in about a year and a half. I didn't get invited to the memorial this year, but still visit my parents frequently and am closer to my siblings than ever.

    Just over a year from now, I'll have my engineering degree.

    So my situation has greatly improved! I still have a lot to learn and need to expand my social circle and involvement in "worldly" activities. But finishing the degree is job #1.

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