LaidOff Bethelites: Weeping And Gnashing of Teeth

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  • dissed

    Gayle - And that was when Nathan Knorr was mellow.

    A friend of mine left in 1950 to get married tells the story how Knorr lectured the Family about this person losing sight and Faith in the last days by leaving Bethel to get married.

    Knorr ranted with anger about how could a person let this happen to him, the whole time, everyone knowing it was him. He humilated him in front of others on purpose. Adding stuff about 'these sisters that interfer with the work'

    As we all know Knorr got married a couple of years later. The Bloody hypocrite!

    My wife wanted to know how he could take it and he said he didn't take it well. Slowed down in his service for awhile but eventually came back full swing to go on to Gilead and the Branch work.

    He said Knorr eventually apologized to them, sort of. He sent him and Lynn a card on their 30th wedding anniversary. No note just a signature.

    Another reason why we should be thanking Jah everyday for the Web? People that are treated like that NOW have a place to go, vent and be helped. Thank you LORD Gore!

  • SirNose586

    Thanks for providing updates on these laid off people. I do feel bad for them; I don't like hearing news of anyone cut off and left to drift, even if they did choose to give the best years of their lives to the Borg. This could have been me. I realize now that I was being groomed by the P.O. to learn how to work on cars and take that skill to Bethel (of course, who knows if I would have even gotten past toilet scrubbing?). That could have been me giving the best years of my life to the Borg.

    But in the end, it's still a choice that they made and they'll have to deal with it as best as they can. I hope they can realize that they've been hosed by Mother.

  • JoJoJones

    I feel so bad for people who have been in Bethel. By the time they leave this commune/corporation they must feel pretty much dumbstruck, numb. What a life people must live there. I feel for anyone and everyone who has ever been or felt stuck there! Metatron, I think you have made really good observations and comments. Thank you! The one really good thing this religion excels at is ruining people's lives! Keeping people from going to college and pursuing their potentials is a dirty rotten thing to do to them! Billy the Ex-Bethelite, I hope that someday, when you feel ready that you will share your story.

  • Johnny

    I remember about a 4 years ago a coworker (non-JW) expressed his concerns to myself (in the bOrg at that time) and a JW "friend" that his two daughters, who had become "Witnesses" and were working at Bethel, were not getting a good education. This "friend" of mine told him not to worry, because if you are trained at Bethel you can find work ANYWHERE when you leave! Even then I almost choked on my sandwich. I later contacted that man and told him what a load of rubbish that statement was, and to do whatever he could to convince his two daughter to leave that place ASAP.

    I hope he succeded.

  • JoJoJones

    I know that the people who go to Bethel are responsible for their choice to do so, and that ultimately they "made their own beds, so they have to sleep in them", but, by gummy, their expectations when they have been going to Bethel, their goals, hopes, and dreams when they go there are admirable. They really believe they are going to be serving God, and it ends up that they are being pulled around with rings in their noses by the governing body, by the WTBTS, to serve whom - - why the organization, that's whom! And it is disgusing what is expected of these people, and it is disgusting how they are treated. They become servants of an organization that is really no more than a glorified book publishing company, a pyrimid company, and a huge commune. It is nauseating to think about all the lives that have been wasted at Bethel, all the lives wasted by all Jehovah's Witnesses who have given of themselves, sincerely and genuinely given of themselves to this selfish, greedy cult. And I mean it is literally nauseating. What a waste of so many, many, many beautiful lives based on their being misled by the WTBTS. How very, very sad.

  • frankiespeakin

    I think this lay off(and the fact that the Org has been saying the end is near for so long that they sound like a broken record), will cause many "not" to consider full time service,, be it at bethel, or COs. I think COs are a dying breed and soon to be fazed out,,especially as the WT faces financial problems just like so many paper publishing companies (news papers and the like) brought on mainly by the internet.

    I see it as a sign of some very serious decline and big changes forthcoming,,(as the WT executives(governing body CEOs) try to keep the organization a float and out of the red.

  • flipper

    METATRON- Great thread as always. I like your threads. My wife and I were talking about the info you posted in this thread and our take on it is this- considering the dishonesty of the governing body, the WT corporate attorneys, etc. it could be that they are suspious that something big in the way of lawsuits may be in their future so they are downsizing to get to a financial situation where they could handle possible legal troubles.

    It is awful what the WT society is doing to these longtime Bethel members - however after having been out of the organization 6 years myself I'm believing more and more that the core belief of the leaders of the WT organization is " survival of the fittest" . In other words- the leaders and WT lawyers will look out for number one only- when push comes to shove. It's a business now - not a caring religious organization. And that's a fact. They really are callous bastards at the top. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • DaCheech

    the WT leaders have no clue and instead of helping us they're trying to overburden us as "slaves". well even slaves will get sick if overworked.

    in the old days, slaves could be replaced easily by capturing more.

    in the WT world slaves are not easily captured. especially since their slaves are talked out of having children slaves.

    as their "capturing preaching" activity goes on, they will only get stupid and weak ones. these stupid and weak ones cannot produce much and last very little

  • LongHairGal

    It is interesting to read all these replies about this sad situation. I have noted that some feel sorry for these people and others not so much. I have mixed feelings about them.

    The religion really made a mistake when it told people not to have children and not to pursue higher education or careers. Too bad THEY didn't have a crystal ball. You have a religion losing people left and right and that is not growing by childbearing like other religions, then you have undereducated and underemployed (or unemployed people) who can't or won't contribute to the religion. Then add the lawsuits we have read about in recent years. To top it all off the economy collapses. A disaster. So they let people go and set them adrift not caring one way or the other what happens to them. In a way it reminds me of what happens when a doctor makes a mistake and a patient dies on the operating table. What happens? The doctor buries the mistake and hopes everybody will forget about it. People do have short memories and they will, in fact, forget.

    In the case of the religion, you have people who are let go, will not stand up for themselves and make a stink (because they fear disfellowshipping). Because it is all kept hushed up on the down-low, not much is made of it so these people are forgotten. One more mistake the religion made and which they hope the average publisher will either not notice or will forget.

  • DaCheech

    they forgot rule #1: you're supposed to milk the cow for many years before you kill it.

    they stupidly try to kill the cow ASAP.

    stupid is as stupid does. let them sow what they have planted: negative!

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