Hey, My JW Wife Went to a Catholic Church Funeral

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  • wantstoleave

    Oh, and for something a little bit funny, at the wake, I was serving cups of coffee/tea to guests and went up to the priest, and without thinking said 'excuse me Father, would you like tea?'. I thought nothing of addressing him as that, because that was his title to all my worldly relatives. Oops did I get told off by my mother later. I shouldnt say 'told off', she quietly told me I should only address Jehovah as Father.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Oh and did you know you could also lose position if you are a pall-bearer at a relatives funeral if the service is done by a minister other than JW !

    I went to my great-aunt's funeral in a Catholic church. My dad, never a JW, was not familiar with all the Catholic rituals involved so he stuck by me. I said we could approach the wafer and wine thing and not partake or we could just stay at our seats. We stayed at our seats. Because I was one of few relatives who was young and healthy and wearing a nice suit, they asked me to be a pall bearer. I was an elder in my congregation, but this was a ceremony for family and friends. Carrying a heavy box for the sake of family was not participating in false worship in my mind, so I did it. It never crossed my mind that it was crossing a line of participation.

    Of course, I never told the other elders what I did. That was just a matter of habit.

    I do find it amazing that I could see how silly WT rules were, use my own brain, yet I stayed "in" for so long.

    My wife would not come to the church funeral that time. I didn't pressure her to do so.

  • AdaMakawee

    Thanks for the article, Blondie, I've been out since 1991, so that article came much later. I should remember when I post to threads like this, that the Witnesses change their stories all the time. Its also different from one congregation to the next. Some are much more liberal and some m uch more conservative.


  • Open mind
    Open mind


    I just saw this thread.

    Congratulations OTWO!

    You never know.

    Do you think your wife would appreciate this T-Shirt in memory of the event?


    Thanks for the update.

    And I'll take your suggestion under advisement.


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    wow, did she take part in comunnion... or how is that spelled. I am shocked.....what is her name so we can immediatley df her???


  • janseyhull

    you guys really have a guilty conscience......otherwise you would just shut up about your indescretions. !!!!oh my .....a funeral in a church?


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    This is good news!


  • flipper

    OTWO- That is good news. One brick at a time, one brick at a time

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