When Was The Last Time You Read From The Bible?

by minimus 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • mouthy

    You don't need the idea of a creator to love the diversity of our marvelous planet. But if that's what you need to believe, I will certainly respect that

    Well thank you mate. But your faith is greator than mine to think POOF!!!! it just came about without one

  • yknot

    I read daily.....not always discerning but hey I try!

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Mouthy its not God I question. I have no doubt of his existence in those things you described. Its this book we attribute to Him having written which ..IMHO is rediculous. Its just men projecting themselves onto something they created and called God. I dont think it can touch Him.

  • mouthy

    Mouthy its not God I question.

    That is what I like to read. I dont believe the Bible either
    but as I have said before many of the writers had some wisdom I find...

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    Mini, In a nut shell Ray said:"Its a leap of faith" I posted his response on Simon's other site. Its in one of my topics. However I am not pc savvy enough to find it and repost it here. If someone can find Blueblades on Simon's other site before he made this one, then they can find the letter response from Ray and read it word for word.

    Mouthy, Ray and others have Bible classes/ studies because they take the Bible as being inspired from God, even though they admit that it is a leap of faith to believeit. I can't take that leap of faith.

    Blueblades/Mall Cop

  • minimus

    Accepting anything takes a leap of faith, doesn't it?

  • Mall Cop
    Mall Cop

    Absolutely! There is no proof that the Bible is inspired of God. Jews wrote the Hebrew scriptures all about them and their history. Some known and some unknown persons wrote the Christian Greek scriptures and again its about their belief system and their history. Nothing to do with a God inspiring them to put words and thoughts in their heads to tranfer on paper.

    That's not to say that the Bible has no value, it does, I consider it a self help book for some.

    Blueblades/mall cop

  • chickpea

    i actually completed a 7 week bible study
    with a group of lutherans (ELCA) who were
    using an ecumenical study guide to investigate
    what the bible "really" says about homosexuality...

    i have to say my JW training had given me a
    greater familiarity with the book than any of
    the others, including the pastor, seemed to have

  • SallySue

    This morning at daily Mass.

  • mimimimi

    It has been a while since I read from the Bible. I decided at one point that I wanted to read it with my Watchtower blinders off and I came to the conclusion that much of it does not really make sense. Also I am totally turned off by the male chauvinist sexist agenda in it.

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