When Was The Last Time You Read From The Bible?

by minimus 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • moshe

    Just to sit down and read the Bible with the expectation it will do me some good? I am not counting research, just reading? Probably 20-25 years ago.

    I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but I have my reasons for not reading the Bible anymore.

  • bigwilly

    1995 or 96 I think (that's when I began fading). Without some religious dogma forcing me to read it, I've moved on to better written and more entertaining fiction

  • mouthy

    Most important was when I received a response from Ray Franz concerning whether or not the Bible is inspired of God.
    I have not read it anymore.

    Well Ray Franz & many others meet together weekly for a Bible study???? I Must call & ask why???

  • asilentone

    I do not remember, I rarely read the bible, sometimes when I see something interesting here at JWN, I look up the scriptures, thats about it.

  • wobble

    I read almost daily, I first pray that the Holy Spirit direct my reading, I always find something of value, sometimes it is startling, never time wasted.

    I never look at the Bible as I did when I was a Dub, I now see that the writer had his point of view because of where he wqs, geographically and in history, his theology etc. for example, those writing before Christ had a very different theology than the N.T writers, necessarily so.

    I still believe there is God's input into the Bible, and therefore it is worth reading, it is so profound that even familiar passages will yield something new when read again with an open mind and heart.



  • bluecanary

    A few weeks ago. It's on my reading list. I'm interested in it in more of an academic way than a spiritual way, and since I'm somewhat familiar with it, it's not high on my list.

  • Tea drinker
    Tea drinker

    This afternoon (Exodus 1-6). I read it through once a year as well as reading additional passages from the NT and the poetic books as when I feel the need.

  • parakeet

    Wish I'd never even heard of that book. It causes nothing but trouble.

  • Goshawk

    Hi Parakeet,

    Isn't the interpretations of men and their actions that cause the trouble not the book itself?

    Good book of stories and metaphores for me, far from being science or accurate historically.

  • minimus

    Blueblades, what did Franz say to make you stop reading the Bible?

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