Serving Jehovah Doesn't Take Much Effort

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    Ae's probably is a pussycat publisher, she only does a meeooower a month

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    I have a question for you angle eyes. What do you do to prepare for the ministy? Do you do research and from where? What materials to you analyze or compare? Do you offer only supporting opinons or also an opposers observations. Would you encourage a student to question a doctrin from all sides?

    When I was a practicing JW I too never found the ministry difficult. I perpared by practicing the word for word offer in the latest KM. I underlined the correct answer in ea paragraph of the current literature then tried to use my own words to express only that thought when commenting at meetings. I taught my Bible students how to underline and comment in the same way. It took some effort but I found it enjoyable as long as I stuck to the program.

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    GM said, "....the next time you go to a meeting, listen to how many times they say from the platform things that you should be doing. You'll be surprised once you pay attention to it just how much pressure there actually is."

    Try this "game" I like to play at the meetings to help fill the mind void. Compare how many times you hear "serve Jehovah" vs "worship Jehovah" at the meeting. The difference will amaze you!


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    "dissed has it right"

    You are now my favorite poster


    When your a JW..

    You don`t Serve anyone but the WBT$..

    The WBT$ only wants 1 thing from you..



  • WTWizard

    It doesn't take much effort? True, if you are thinking of the ability to do your own thinking. You are spared the need to make your own decisions, since they are already made for you.

    But it does take all your time and energy. I have gone out in field circus during a school recess every day (for the afternoon) once, and I have seen children getting dragged out every day that week. The children were about 7 or 8, not yet baptized (the mother was auxiliary pio-sneering that month), and invariably they had been out all morning every single day. They were also out until about 4 or 5 PM every day. This leaves just about no time for having any fun. Keeping in mind that this is supposed to be a vacation for those children, since they needed those weeks off to break up the stagnation of learning the school way--and the Washtowel took that away from those children.

    Additionally, I remember my whole week being structured around the washtowel. I didn't even bother wasting the time "studying" the washtowel because I could pick out all the answers out of the paragraph just looking at it, but I still had to prepare for them. A boasting session would kill a Sunday, and I had to work Sunday and Monday evening. Tuesday evening was shot by a boasting session, leaving just the afternoon (again, I didn't waste the time to prepare because I could pick out the answers from the paragraph just looking at it). Wednesday was ruined with field circus, and I had to work that evening. Thursday was like Tuesday, just a different boasting session (again, I could pick out the answers and did not waste the time studying). Friday was shot with field circus and work. And there wasn't really all that much going on Saturdays.

    And those a$$emblies. The Big and Great Boasting Sessions required the whole day, but at least it was in lieu of the Sunday boasting session). A Great Boasting Session took the whole weekend. I had to get those days off from work, and I went home with a headache those days from sitting there all day. And it took all that time to prepare for a Grand Boasting Session--wasting two or three evenings and about $20 in long distance calls, only to get a motel on the first try in April (they hounded me about not having my room until April, especially after I quit wasting my time getting it before). And there seem to be a billion announcements in all the steps needed for that, only to go and hear the same crap I can get without wasting any time or motel money (or Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund money) by going to these forums.

    I would rather take the "much effort" to learn to do my own thinking. The more control I have of my circumstances, the more effort it takes--and the more the reward is going to be. On the flip side, the more Jehovah takes control of my circumstances (even if it takes less effort), the more wasted time and resources are going to be involved, and the worse the outcome is going to be.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    GM I dont atall think you are an apostate....and i thankyou for your comments :)

  • GapingMouth

    Thanks Angel Eyes, and if you do decide to leave the forums, best of luck to you. If you find yourself disheartened by the congregation, then just keep your mind open. It's those that are truly sincere that come to the best conclusions about religions they are in.

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