I wonder if the BORG is doing that bad financially???

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  • OnTheWayOut
    creation dvd. Booklet on apostle paul and brochure "the bible what is its message"

    A DVD is cheap to copy and mass produce. Hence, all the bootleg stuff available out there. The average JW will contribute enough to cover the cost of a DVD.

    The brochure is cheaper than a book.

    I do know this- As long as there are conventions, conventions are making money.
    Blondie has a good point about the cashflow. As it gets worse, WTS is ditching the real estate. It will continue to get worse.

    So we like to guess about the future for WTS. I see crowded Kingdom Halls as they sell off the most profitable locations to pay for the worldwide shortage. I see 2-day conventions where they try hard to keep the donations the same, figuring that members will come and donate better because they stayed at work on Friday. I see more and more conventions at smaller venues (Assembly Halls) as I see the total number of JW's slowly shrinking.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    thats a good sign....shows we could be even closer to the end....We know not many will get through and just because some claim to be Jw doesnt mean all will be going through.... Exciting times ahead.

    Donations are all voluntary Num 15v17-21. I've never known anyone be pressured into helping. Have they??

  • out4good3

    Always the announcement that there is a deficit in donations before lunch sundays before the end of the assembly.....Always....I've never been to an assembly that was more than one day long where they didn't announce a deficit. And they never include any overage from the last years assembly to use as an offset to this years.

    Additionally, why are the R\F baseically "renting" assembly facilities their money has already paid for?

  • Lieu

    Additionally, why are the R\F baseically "renting" assembly facilities their money has already paid for?

    For the same reason a Congo must get a "loan" from the org. to build a new KH, due to overcrowding ... when in fact, its the R/F's money in the first place. Last time I checked it was as supposed non-profit. Yet members have to get a loan from the org. to build more stuff which belongs to the org.


  • kurtbethel

    thats a good sign....shows we could be even closer to the end....

    Yes, the Watchtower's end. They had a good run while it lasted, fooled a lot of people, but their pool of possible gullible people has been running dry. Like any corporation, they must develop another business model that suits the market they operate in, or they will have to shut down their operation.

  • dissed


    They are definately in a tail spin. How far will it go down this time? Somehow I regretfully feel they will always be around. True the Web is killing them, but don't underestimate the power of spin and mind control they can exercise.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Books mean a surge in service and placements. More money.

    Just before I left one particular congregation in a well to do area, they kept announcing that expenses were exceeding donations. This was a congregation where most of the publishers were proffesionals and owned their own home. And yet, they way I figured it, the donations were coming in at about a dollar per publisher avg each month

  • willyloman

    You cannot encourage your members to ignore Christmas, birthdays and other celebratory holidays and then expect them to turn out to be generous when it comes to giving money. Dubs are systematically trained to be cheap.

  • WTWizard

    No one has ever been pressured to make donations?

    I beg to differ. I have heard numerous "deficits" announced from the Grand Boasting Session, always on Sunday afternoon, along with a guilt trip to induce people to do "the right thing" and donate even more. And, with a growing number of these things accepting credit cards, soon there will be "no excuse--if you don't have the cash, just max out your credit card to donate".

    I have also had those pledge forms shoved in my face. They had a Kingdumb Hell build, and needed the money for it. They handed out one pledge form (per publisher) early in the planning, and we were to write down how much we were willing to donate on that form. They used several out of context scriptures implying that we needed to be generous. Once we optimistically wrote down that number, we would be told in no uncertain terms that it was a promise to Jehovah, and that it was a horrible offense to back out on it by not donating that much each and every month, no matter what.

    Several years passed, and it was right before the new Kingdumb Hell build. And they handed out Round 2 of pledge forms, implying that we really needed to give our all in this round. I "forgot" to bring my form in, filled out (they were unrealistically expecting something on the order of $200 or more a month on a project I would get negative value out of). So, at the book study, they shoved another pledge form in my face and just about demanded I fill it out with the hounders watching me (so they could claim I could give more, no matter how much I put down). To get out of donating my whole paycheck, I had to tell them that, since I was supposed to be voluntarily donating, anything I put down on that slip while they were watching me like that would not count and would be involuntary. I brought the slip home and missed the next few boasting sessions--had I not missed them, I know I would have had to donate (and, when I did go, I went to the other side for about 2 weeks and skipped the book studies for a month so I could get out of getting yet another slip handed to me, and being physically forced to donate everything I made.

    Then, I have seen many a washtowel article telling us that, if we stint or give grudgingly, that was "tantamount to robbing Jehovah" (and they used "more than Jehovah can bear" as the definition of "tantamount"). How many other washtowel articles ranting about donating more money have there been in the intervening years--Kingdumb Misery inserts threatening that we would limit how far we could spread the cancer if we don't donate more, instructions on donating your insurance policies and inheritances to the Washtowel Slaveholdery, and even donations by credit card. Each time, they imply that, unless we are emptying our bank accounts, we are murdering people in places like Nigeria (where the cancer is growing so fast that I think they need some apostatherapy).

    No pressure. You will get destroyed unless you give everything to them. You are murdering people by not donating everything. It is more than God can bear if you don't donate everything. You can now max out your credit card to donate more. The Kingdumb Hell will need to run by flashlight if you don't donate everything. But, no pressure.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh yea, the pressure was on back in the day. I have no idea what it's like now. All the illustrations blah blah blah. I remember one that used to puke me out about a child who had a chicken and decided to sell it to donate the money rather than eat it. Yummy. Poverty sponsered by the WTB&TS

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