I wonder if the BORG is doing that bad financially???

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  • wobble

    I believe they have a cash-flow problem at present, and it will get worse, even as we pull out of recession ,people are not going to donate as they did,and as older Dubs die off ,the younger ones do not give as much. (I was A.C servant for some years)

    They may be asset rich, but a "fire-sale" of assets at this time is not prudent,and the cash-flow problem remains.

    May it hasten the demise of this evil organization.



    p.s Does anyone see some "Noo Lite" coming about the " principle" of tithing in the O.T and the example of how much flowed in when Solomon built the Temple ? (Missing the point that these worked because Yahweh's blessing was upon the Israelis )

  • ninja

    A.C servant wobbly?.....anti-christ servant........he he

  • dissed

    You cannot encourage your members to ignore Christmas, birthdays and other celebratory holidays and then expect them to turn out to be generous when it comes to giving money. Dubs are systematically trained to be cheap.

    That's exactly what my wife said. JW's are not a giving and generous people on the whole. I heard many times from JW's, "we don't give on a forced basis like Xmas, but when the heart moves us." But their heart hardly ever did!!

    I was an account servant as well. Its exactly as Blondie and others have said. Only a few really give generously. On more than a few occassions, I remember calling the PO, short of funds, who in turn called the Elders for a late gift.

    I can only imagine, in this economy how hard it must be.

    Someone told me at Bethel, that the USA, Europe, were taking the lead in worldwide donations. That has to be way down as well.

  • willyloman

    "But their heart hardly ever did!!"

    Exactly. This people honors me with their lips but their hearts are far from me!

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