what did you study?? Do you think it should be longer.....?

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    I was raised in the JW Cult..

    I studied the Tile on the Kingdom Hall ceiling..


  • Georgiegirl

    You studied with an elder and you're a girl? I'm sorry, not buying it. Was it an elder and his wife perhaps? No elder, no matter what part of the world, would come to your house, alone, and conduct a study. No way, no how.

    Also - and I'm just curious, not trying to threadjack - but is the use of "coz" instead of because and "probs" instead of probably a british thing? I noticed those terms with another british female poster as well - found it an interesting coincidence. And before anyone jumps on any wagon, I'm NOT implying or accusing anything - I'm genuinely curious. Usually Brits are super-proper when it comes to using the English language.

    And to answer your question, born in, so I got to study it all.

  • yknot

    Yea studying alone with an Elder is pretty much impossible....

    If you were alone then he was harboring 'wicked, lustful' thoughts about you....

  • Butterflyleia85

    I studied the My Book of Bible Stories with my Grandpa when I was just learning how to read! I loved it we did drama from the characters in the book. As I got older I did the basic study of the Watchtower and Books for Book Study. And then when I was ready for baptism (my grandpa was gone then) I did personal study with a sister bout 10 years older then me and we studied the Worship the Only True God together in 2003. She was a very spiritual and strong lady. We were friends and I enjoyed hanging out with her alot. I went from door to door with her and I went and did fun things like a group of use young ones would go on ski trips, horseback riding, skating, etc. As I got more comfortable with witness friends we had group studies. I got baptised and had wonderful encouragement!...(the rest is another story)

    I think studying should take as long as possible for a good conscience to stem... It's a personal decision for one to feel worthy enough to comment to God in baptism. And being consisent helps too. Consisent prayer, Bible reading, and good asociation. (using the liture and bible aids as well as the society's fellowship just helps you get stronger being a JW and be wise in the Bible (for dumb ppl like me lol))

    I take being a JW like being Married. :)

    Yea studying alone with an Elder is pretty much impossible....
    If you were alone then he was harboring 'wicked, lustful' thoughts about you....


  • Goshawk

    Since I was raised in but not quite born in I studied each book as it came up in the cycle.


    Babylon has Fallen

    Man Evolution or Creation

    Finished Mystery of God


    Good News

    Live Forever

    I know there is one or two that I forgot.

    Homework for Angel Eyes

    1. Get a copy of the Did Man Get Here by Evolution or by Creation? (1967)

    2. Look up the references for quoted material in the book.

  • BluesBrother

    Me? It was so long ago that in my day there was not a regular study programme for kids. I picked it up as I went along and still got baptized at 12 years.

    What should they study?..."Crisis of Conscience" before ever anybody makes a commitment to that Organization

    A couple of things said do make me wonder about the thread though :

    "I love the new book...think its great." angel eyes

    Which book is that? Surely not the new book about the Book of Acts? or have I missed something? Why is it great?

    "I studied with an elder (im a girl) " angel eyes

    No way unless he was with his wife? You were with someone , or he was a fraud who busted all the WT rules?

    "Usually Brits are super-proper when it comes to using the English language". Georgiegirl

    Well, it is the Queens English, after all but I despair of the younger generation

  • bigwilly

    I didn't study, was born in and an elder's kid. Due to pressures within the borg, I learned and reguritated the answers necessary to get baptized at age 10. And now I'm completely shunned by everyone I knew prior to age 20 based on a "decision" I "made" when I was a little kid.

  • nelly136

    goshawk babylon the great..euw euw, cant remember if that did the bs cycle 2 or 3 times before i left.

    born in, so once i'd said i'd get baptised the process was just a blur....truth book and possibly something else, who i studied it with i cant remember for the life of me, but the elder i did the predunk questions with was the same one that i went to to start my dfing.

    not sure if it was the truth book that had the word beastiality.....put a whole new slant on petting animals after Aday.although i did look up the definition at the time, i didnt really perceive it existed in real life until years later when i was round someones house and they put on a video called 'animal farm'....sheesh i thought they meant the one based on the book by george orwell.... wafflin oops.

    revelations, had to learn the meaning of the symbology or whatever its called , trumpets heads horns...sorry to be so vague but i didnt have a clue what the heck it was about then and whatever it was i forgot it again with a huge sigh of relief once i'd actually managed to memorise it long enough to get me past the questions on the meanings

    georgie i've prolly used coz (brit slang), soz blues

  • Quandry

    I think it's important to have a study with someone you feel you can talk too.

    Too bad more "talking" instead of parroting answers out of a book wasn't required. My family tried to tell me that CT Russell was involved in unlawful activities; "miracle wheat sales," etc. Too bad I didn't "ask the right questions" and do more research on the history of the JW organization. It would have resulted in allowing me to really live for the time period of over thirty years that I was in limbo in the WT organization.

    I wanted to get an education....no....that would be independent thinking....and the end is soooooooo close.

    Now, at 58 years old, I am in my junior year at college. Don't know if I'll ever be able to graduate as I have to work full time and can't take the stress of too many classes. But I do know this....knowledge is freeing. If only I'd striven to gain the information that I know now about the WTS and all the crackpot things they used to believe...."vaccinations are like taking puss into your body," etc.

    So, in retrospect, I don't know that the time period should be longer, but the study material should include the history of the WTS and the changes made over the years. It should include the fact that should you ever feel uncomfortable with an explanation from the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" concerning any teaching, you must not question-even with "someone you feel you can talk to." This person does not exist after baptism.

    You must not do independent research...and heaven forbid you want to get a real education....they are afraid that you will begin to think outside of their narrow box, and discover that many of their teachings are historically incorrect (dinosaurs didn't eat meat, and were here until the flood), or just plain looney (sun baths are good for you, vaccinations bad, no organ transplants, as you aquire the personality of the donor, heart is the literal location of the conscience, God resides in the Pleades star system, "ancient worthies" will be resurrected in 1925 and will live in a mansion in southern Califonia).

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