texas rancher and senior citizen speaks about health care bill

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Second question, is it true that Congress does not want to be included in their public health care bill? If so, this is sounding more and more like the pigs in Animal Farm.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Haven't we heard enough from uneducated Texans?

    How rude! The man is stating an opinion and has at least read all or part of HR3200 as have I. Have you? Why is this taken to the person rather than the issue by so many who disagree?

    Houston, TEXAS

  • ssn587

    those attacking this man for stating his opinion are exact examples of those in the borg hierachy who attacks those with a different opinion than theirs. Foreigners chiming in on a strictly American problem should butt out. It's typical to attack those who disagree with you without attacking what they are saying with evidence. Saying people are driven by what is or isn't on TV or talk radio is nonsense. My brother in law was at one of those meetings and he is as pissed as hell and he has been a life long democrat and yes he is sorry as hell he voted for the facist leaning individual in office. My brother is astounded at the lack of transparency that was promised, the idealogues nominated to posts. the tax evader put in chage of the IRS, he is a died in the wool union man who has as he says always voted deomocrat. But now that is over he like many others want to know what the hell is going on.

  • John Doe
  • AGuest

    I think it's curious that “some folks” don't want a "public option." I mean, I live in a state where auto insurance is MANDATORY and those who can't afford it can purchase it from a state-run fund. Same thing with workers comp: it is MANDATORY for businesses with employees and if a business owner can't afford to buy from a private company (or if a private company won't issue a policy), they can buy from the state fund.

    I am all for a public OPTION* with regard to healthcare as well, for several reasons: first, I have a 32-year-old self-employed daughter who can't get insurance because of a "pre-existing condition" (polycystic ovarian disease). Second, a very close friend, who is also self-employed, is paying out the NOSE for coverage because she "suffered from depression" when she was in the Organization. She hasn't taken a Prozac or Valium since leaving the Borg over 10 years ago... but they don't care: she is considered a “risk.”

    * OPTION: Etymology: French, from Latin option-, optio free choice; akin to Latin optare to choose

    · Date: 1593

    1: an act of choosing2 a:the power or right to choose:freedom of choice

    3: something that may be chosen: as a: an alternative course of action <didn't have many options open> b: an item that is offered in addition to or in place of standard equipment

    Third, I am currently unemployed... and an insulin diabetic. One of the reasons I stuck out this past job (which was literally KILLING me with the very long hours and stress taking my blood glucose levels to well above 500)... is because of the "good" insurance (which allowed me to use the pen vs. a syringe – big difference; huge). Eventually, the "cost" of the job and related stress began to far outweigh the "benefit" of the good insurance (i.e., if I quit, they would be without a Sr. Business Manager; if I stayed, they would eventually be without a Sr. Business Manager, and my husband would be without a wife, my children without mother, my puppies without a “mommy”, my [future] grandchildren without… well, you get the picture. Wasn't that hard a decision in the end).

    Anyway, the only people that I can think will benefit from NOT having such an option… are those ensconced in the healthcare industry, including, primarily, health insurance companies… because they will have competition. But… it will also give them a reason to make their prices more affordable and how can that be a bad thing for U.S. citizens? (Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and companies that make health related equipment aren't exempt, either - did anyone know that, in 1992, the hospital my son was in charged $6.00 for ONE Tylenol tablet? Lemon glycerin mouth swabs were $8.00 each!! I can’t imagine what’s being charged for such things today, but it one of the reasons my 401(k) is invested heavily in healthcare-related funds).

    Now, I am neither Republican nor Democrat; in fact, I am A-political – I always figure they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do (I came to that conclusion when I learned that laws can be challenged in court, and overridden, regardless of what the citizens voted for). I do find it curious, though, that some of “us” have such a problem with the government stepping in here. I mean, isn’t Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, CHSP, Social Security, Supplemental Security, Short-Term Disability, Unemployment, Food Stamps, TANF, Section 8, Section 202, Section 811 PRAC, etc., the government “stepping in”? And please don’t respond with a “yeah, and these only help the lazy good-for-nothings,” because that really isn’t true: the lazy good-for-nothings actually make up a VERY small percentage of those who benefit from these program, which programs help folks from ALL walks of life, including those unemployed through no fault of their own, the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, the disenfranchised, etc. (I know this because I have been in the low-income housing industry for 22 years… which industry requires me to know people’s income sources, medical expenses, etc.)

    For those folks who would dispute this… or who think, “Well, ain’t none of them my problem,” I have to ask: is your “piece of the pie” really that small, such that you are so scared that if you help another you will be left without? And if your piece of the pie is so small, whose fault is that? The people receiving government assistance? The government for giving it to them? The government wasn’t responsible for the stock market crash. Or the housing crisis. Or the banking crisis. Or the credit crisis. Do you really think that if these folks didn’t receive such assistance you would have more? Really??

    Maybe we should keep in mind that, supposedly, it is a government FOR the people and the problem now is our individual outlook as to the who “the people” are. I have no doubt that those who coined the term meant rich, white, male, property owners… and that’s understandable, given the time and political climate when the Declaration of Independence was written. But this country has come a VERY long way since then… and if we intend to stick to and honor that prelude, perhaps now we should keep in mind that “the people” is all of us… including the needy among us. And that since the corporate part of “us” is more concerned with their high salaries and exorbitant bonuses than with your piece of the pie… or mine… the government may just have to “step in.”

    BTW – and I base this on my own life experience… I have to agree with Mr. Carter as to the source of much of the chagrin surrounding Mr. Obama. Notice, I said much… not all. I am not so ignorant to believe that all of Mr. Obama’s opponents disagree with him because he is black. That is ludicrous. I do, however, believe that the fact he is black plays a large part in how some folks respond, rebut, and/or disagree with him and/or his policies. You know, if you don’t respect the man at all, you see no need to respect the institution he represents at all. Thankfully, not all see it that way these days.

    Again, I am not political at all, but I truly cannot see where Mr. Obama has done WORSE than Mr. Bush… yet. True, he may, in the long run. But he hasn’t, YET, nor has he aspired to the great “accomplishments” of his predecessor, whose decision(s) have led to the U.S. involvement in at least two (2) very expensive wars (one of which is the result of a very contrived theory regarding WMDs), the worst housing crisis since the late 1980’s, the worse financial crisis since the Depression, the worse credit crisis this country has every seen, and the beginning of the worse unemployment rates seen for quite some time.

    For those who say, “Well, if you just look down the road, you’ll see his policies won’t work and/or they’ll be too expensive”? I would offer that the opponents of Social Security and Medicare said the same thing. And should anyone counter, “Yeah, and you see where we are with those now,” I would ask you to talk to a friend or neighbor who has a senior loved one… or a beloved senior family member… who has taken advantage of one or more of these programs and ask them how these would have faired without them. IMHO, that would have been tantamount to “let[ting] Grandma die.”

    I bid you all peace!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, on her own...

  • musky

    We need the option of a government supported option, and private insurance. The better system will attract more people. The man in the video seemed sincere, but he did not seem to realize that we can't continue to squeeze the middle class for every cent they have for health care. I understand that people with no money will get free health care. But that is for people at poverty level. With no change to our current system, the middle class will be wiped out and the rich and poverty level people will be left.

  • beksbks

    Ok, I was waiting for Six to answer your question, but I'll way in. Every single point he makes in the first five minutes, is either completely or slightly wrong. Look it up for yourself. If you guys actually care for truth, you will not listen to anyone here. Read the bill, look at Medicare and the VA, check out history.

  • beksbks
    Second question, is it true that Congress does not want to be included in their public health care bill?

    First of all we don't have a bill. We have many. The possible public option in 3200 is now only available to those who don't have insurance. So the right wing has managed to take that option from me. I believe as it stands now, they are obligated to keep what they have. Like myself and everyone else in the country who is currently insured.

  • musky

    Beksbks, Good stuff!

  • watson

    I appreciate your post, A Guest.

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