texas rancher and senior citizen speaks about health care bill

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  • John Doe
  • PEC

    What a moron, he has single payer, government run health care.


  • purplesofa

    That man knows how to give a scolding.

    Like his dog Dakota, we have a dof that looks just like him, Shreddar!

  • purplesofa

    He said a mouthful.

    He has some good points, it's just very difficult to filter out the ones I agree with and disagree with,

    I could not help but to have respect for him,

    think about how times have changed

    and wish I had already read the proposed bill.


  • journey-on

    Well said. This man is voicing the concerns and viewpoints of millions of people. Some of the citizens that stood up in townhall meetings to voice their concerns were not articulate and smooth-talking. Some stumbled in their efforts to tell their congressmen and senators what they were thinking because they had never before spoken in such a venue. They were everyday plain ole citizens that wanted....needed....to tell their representatives what they fear and to beg for real answers. They struggled to find the words. What did they get in return? Most received back nothing but disrepect and scorn and accusations of racism or obstructionism. And they got no real answers...only more vagueness and lies and flip-flopping. I shake my head in disgust at these men and women from D.C. that had such audacity.

    People have become angry and disappointed in the lack of real oversight and the mismangement and corruption of Big Government buraucracies that have been entrusted with caring for our most valuable systems for social security. These are systems WE PAID INTO WITH OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY and have a right to expect them to work when it is time to use them. THE FAT CAT LYING BASTARDS in Washington, especially the long-timers, have let us down. They have screwed us while living like kings and treating us like serfs. NOW THEY WANT TO DO IT TO THE NEXT GENERATION COMING UP. F*ck 'em WITH A CAPITAL F!

    WE NO LONGER TRUST ANY OF THEM! Stop the implementation of any new social programs until Washington comes clean. Keep asking the hard questions. Find out where, who, what, when all our tax money went out the window and to whom. Even now as we speak, what is on the agenda that we should know about. Trust is gone for good reason.....time to get our heads out of the sand and start DEMANDING transparency. How do you do it when the whole damn place is stinking? You find that one voice in the wilderness and listen closely.

    (sorry for the rant....I'm mad as h*ll)

  • SixofNine

    He's lying.

  • journey-on

    What I think this proves is that people are mad that it has come to this.

    He paid all his life into something he thought would be there when it was time, and now he has to worry that the system he TRUSTED has been run into the ground by government bureaucratic mismangement and big Washington fat cats more worried about themselves and where they can get the next special interest dollar. Our valued systems are crumbling because Washington was asleep at the wheel.

    And now they want to pull another social program wool over the eyes of the next generation coming up!

    As long as the health care reforms remain within the free enterprise private system, I'm okay with them. Don't put one foot....not one toe!....of government in it.

  • SixofNine

    As long as the health care reforms remain within the free enterprise private system, I'm okay with them.

    Is that the same free enterprise system that "competes" by calling domestic abuse a pre-existing condition?

  • journey-on

    Oh, god! 6o9! What the h*ll does that have to do with THIS price of eggs?

  • MissingLink

    Haven't we heard enough from uneducated Texans?

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