Oct.15th WT- " Wanna Be Jesus Friend? Have to Support the Faithful Slave"

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  • snowbird

    The WT is full of it! I would like to place an sh in front of the last word in the previous sentence, but I'll defer.

    When Jesus talked to His disciples about friendship, He was encouraging them to love one another; he said nothing about supporting any slave. To the contrary, He said that He no longer considered them as slaves because He was sharing all His confidences with them. Slaves are not privy to that type information.

    From The Message Bible:

    John 14:15 "If you love me, show it by doing what I've told you."

    John 15:14 "You are my friends when you do the things I command you."

    Those passages are easy to remember because the chapters and verses are simply reversed!


  • OnTheWayOut

    Sounds like a kinder, gentler way of approaching the members with the "FEAR OF JEHOVAH."
    Fearing Jehovah is fearing death and destruction, Armageddon, birds picking at your eyeballs after the destruction.
    "Do as we say or suffer the consequences."

    Fear of losing Jesus' friendship is just softer. He's our friend. "Do as Jesus would want you to do or lose his friendship."

    Same old message with a nice spin to it.

  • kurtbethel

    5. However he will have to stop one alone day; if there was also there need of a second; but if he stopped
    three days, he is a forgery prophet.
    6. departing, then, the apostle doesn't take for itself nothing if not the bread (enough) up to the place where
    he will lodge;
    if he asks money instead, he is a forgery prophet.


    It would be kind of funny if a movement started, of JWs or whomever sending bread to bethel and to the kingdom halls.

  • wobble

    Jehovah is the creator and owner of the universe , ALL the wealth is his,why can he not manage his current Bank account ?

    Why does he need the Dub's Dollars ? (With fond memories of comedien George Carlin )



  • flipper

    Thanks for all the great comments . Really good ones !

    ADAMAKAWEE- Yeah. I think Jesus was cool- but his followers and disciples sucked.

    WT WIZARD- The WT society really is scamming people's time, money, and assets. They are " disgraceful " as you say. They want their scam to last so they can profit more abundantly .

    GOZZ- Exactly. I guess Jesus has blinders on since he still uses pedophile elders . Sick puppies.

    HOPE 4 OTHERS- The WT society is very demanding and EXPECTS it's members to not only donate contributions - but also estates, wills, life insurance policies, inheritances and jewelry to the cause. I've actually seen that printed in their magazines. Disgusting.

    JUST HUMAN 14- It is disgusting isn't it, Just Human ? The WT society is becoming more cultish, controlling and downright demanding more of it's members. They are " tightening the screws " so to speak. They think they are Jehovah and Jesus both !

    MIDWICH CUCKOO- The WT society really is greedy and tries to cover up to the rank and file members what they are up to. I also think it's very arrogant for them to think they are " channeling God " . How do they know ?

    DESIGNS- Good song by the O'Jays " Money ". Pink Floyd had a song by the same name ! Should put it in the JW's new songbook.

    CANTLEAVE- So as an elder you notice the squeeze being put on the rank and file witnesses for more contributions as time goes on ? Thanks for sharing. It is infuriating considering we are in an economic depression ( worst since 1929 ) . But the WT society doesn't care - they are like a bottomless pit - can never be satisfied.

    HEAVEN- I don't know if the WT society has " huge balls " to ask for all that money - or miniscule balls, or no balls because it's such a cowardly thing to do. I'm kinda split on that one. I'd like to see that jock strap on Jaracz though ! LOL!

    UNDERCOVER- Cult- Definitely.

    TEEL- Exactly. We can never give enough in the WT societies view. Anybody who stands up to the GB will be badmouthed in their organization.

    MARCOPOLO- Exactly. The WT society is a forgery prophet and they ask for money . So they are guilty on both counts.

    SNOWBIRD- Very true Sylvia. I agree. The WT society is full of doo-doo. Jesus DID say to love one another- not a aleged " faithful slave ".

    OTWO- Yes a similar message, yet put in a more subtle way to appeal to the rank and file witnesses emotions of " being considered Jesus friend ". So the translation is : Be a friend to the faithful slave then Jesus will be your friend. If you AREN'T a friend to the faithful slave you won't be Jesus friend. Pretty twisted.

    KURT BETHEL- That would be funny to see people start sending bread and food supplies to Bethel and the kingdom halls.

    WOBBLE- Good point. If God is almighty- why WOULD he need the JW's dollars ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper


    Wow..I`m Impressed..

    Finaly a few words about Jesus,from the WBT$..

    We can be better Friends to Jesus,if we send the WBT$ Money!..


    Listen to Idiot JW Elders,who have No Thoughts of thier Own..

    Hammer Head Hammer Head

    Bow Down Before You

    That should make Jesus very Happy!..


  • moshe

    Here is the last, genuine F&D Slave left (as per original WT teachings) hidden away in a guarded Bethel storage room and he is kept on life support 24/7. -Brain dead since 1999, but still alive and that is all that matters. Besides, no JW would dare to ask for verification, if any of these old geezers are still alive.- Which means this WT study article is just a pile of poppycock- and I don't mean popcorn.

  • flipper

    OUTLAW- Indeed- They talk about Jesus- but the message is you have to kiss the GB monkeys in order to be friends to Jesus ! And I don't know anyone in their right mind who'd want to kiss the GB monkeys.

    MOSHE- Wow ! What a picture ! That's not Jaracz is it ? I'll tell ya what - if him and John Barr keep living - they might just break the Guinness book record for oldest ever ! But you are correct- the entire GB is brain dead - even the younger ones ! And the entire organization is on life support

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I think I've mentioned before that the GB members and past presidents of the WTS. are really the top tear

    marketing executives of this so called publishing company of god. Unfortunately whenever a group of people claim that they are being

    directly by god's holy spirit a menagerie of problems arise out of this claim not only to themselves, tripping

    over their past indulgent proclamations but also to the people that had put faith into these people's words.

    There are so many sad stories now being heard of people throwing their lives away for this organization, families broken apart,

    unnecessary deaths from people not getting proper medical care and list goes on.

    The final analysis is this, the GB of the WTS. are no further spiritually directed than you or I or any other religious organization for that matter,

    it was all a marketing gimmick set in place to support the circulation of their literature , the real truth.

  • booby

    When they said that the remnant of annointed, the partakers of the emblems other then themselves, were really no different then the other sheep, sometimes even less spiritually (smart) / enlightened then some elders I thought about that scripture about our actions toward one of these least ones of Christ's brothers and thought wha!! But here they are back to treating them (these least) ones of Christ's brothers as once again important. They just can't keep it all straight anymore, because they say one thing to bolster an opinion they want supported and then they have to say something that contradicts. It's because it's all make up bull to try to keep the ball rolling.

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