Oct.15th WT- " Wanna Be Jesus Friend? Have to Support the Faithful Slave"

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  • LouBelle

    seems like you can buy their love.

    I've know that the faith was very lacking in this area - love to them is just a word, they know nothing of love in action.

  • dissed

    Flipper, I know I'm a little predjudice when I read those paragraphs, ....okay a lot. But if you were to change just a few of those words, it would come across as a 'Mafia extortion threat'.

    "If you want to be our friends. You must respect the company and our local henchman. Got it!"

    Then You need to donate to the organization. "Ifa you don'ta, we canta guarantee your safety. Capish!"

    Or as Dissed says, "With friends like these, who needs enemies?!"

  • dissed

    Moshe - Is your picture of Jack Benny, my all time favorite comedian?

  • moshe

    Jack Benny was always celebrating his 39th birthday! I would be happy to just stop the clock at 60 next year. I'm still trying to find my secret vault of money, too.

    The whole F&D Slave thing is just a fraud and the JW's suspect they are being hoodwinked. It's just that nobody will voice their true opinion. I recently watched the Jim carey movie, Majestic. A guy with amnesia is mistaken for a WW2 soldier who was missing in action/presumed dead. Everyone falls in line after the dad recognizes his lost son in Jim Carey. Even his old girlfriend starts their romance back up. Of course he gets his memory back and then everyone says, "well, I knew it wasn't him, but everyone else was so sure, so I didn't say anything" . That is the JW mentality, they just fall in line and don't trust their own instincts. Of course they should have smelled a rat . Many times over they have been snookered by the GB, but they are willing to get fleeced over and over again. Since the Internet era was established more than 10 years ago, there is no excuse for ignorance about the WT today.

  • flipper

    Good responses , thanks !

    ALMIGHTY HOMER- The leaders of the WT society are no more spirit directed than you or I - I agree with you. It is tragic that so many families have been torn apart by the shunning policies and that people have died from the faulty medical directives on the blood issue . The WT society is certainly bloodguilty indeed. It is a marketing gimmick - and personally I feel there are larger powers controlling the governing body , perhaps some of the secret society or illuminati in the upper echelons of society. As time goes on I am leaning more in that direction because ask yourself this question, " Where is all the money going from donations, trust funds, contributions, estates donated to the WT society constantly, and inheritances and life insurance policies ? " I have my suspicions it's not ALL going only to the GB in the WT society. Somebody might be controlling them higher up- and it ain't Jehovah.

    BOOBY- The GB and leaders of the WT society have always had a higher opinion of themselves than the rank and file witnesses. They might display a mock humility for awhile to get a message across like you said- however at the end of the day the GB lives to the beat of a different justice system than the one they demand for their followers to live by.

    LOUBELLE- Very true. The leaders of the WT society do not truly know what real love is.

    DISSED- Exactly. You could very well change some of the words around and it would apply to the mafia rules being the same as the WT rules. For sure. They are JUST as controlling as the mafia and manipulating of family relationships.

    MOSHE- That WAS a very good movie " Mr. Majestic " with Jim Carrey . Love that movie. I have it on VHS. But very true what you say that many witnesses just don't or won't see the scam being pulled on them. Also like you said- Having had access to the internet now for about 10 years - you would think more people in the JW cult would educate themselves. But remember- they are told the internet is DANGEROUS ! You know, demons, devils, and us wicked apostates on here who may educate, er, decieve the witnesses with REAL knowledge and honesty . So they are taught to be in fear of us and the internet. Ridiculous, isn't it ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • AGuest

    Sad (may you all have peace!). Really. But shows them to be the false prophets they are (Matthew 24:24). I am reminded of my Lord's words recorded at John 10:8, 10, 12, and 13:

    "ALL those that have come in place of me are THIEVES and PLUNDERERS; but the sheep have not listened to them. The thief does not come UNLESS it is to steal and slay and destroy... The hired man [the GB], who is NO SHEPHERD and to whom the sheep do NOT belong as his own, beholds the wolf (coming and ABANDONS the sheep and flees - and the wolf snatches them and scatters them - because he is a HIRED man and DOES NOT CARE for the sheep."


    "Be on the watch for the false prophets that come to you in sheep's covering, but inside are ravenous wolves..." Matthew 7:15


    "Woe to you, scribes (i.e., writers/copyists of scriptural/spiritual 'Law') and Pharisees (i.e., non-anointed religious 'leaders'), HYPOCRITES! because you devour widows' houses and for a pretense (you know, in order to even get in the widow's 'house' - i.e., her means for living) offer long prayers..." Matthew 23:14 (which was conveniently ommitted from the "everyday" NWT, but it's in the footnote of the Ref. version)

    and, seeing as they are SO concerned with following Paul...

    "For I am seeking NOT your possessions, but YOU; for the children ought NOT to lay up for their parents, but the parents for their children..." 2 Corinthians 12:14

    I mean, since they teach that the Bible is God's word, you'd at leat think they'd know, teach, and stick to what it says IN there. I do wonder, from time to time, just how "fleshy" her "parts" will need to get before more wake up... and get OUT of her. Just a quick look at the 25 or so middle pages of the Proclaimers Book (published back in, what, 1992?) should let folks know that the underlying organization is NOT the "true" religion... or indeed a religion at all. The real estate holdings alone are worth billions; the publishing income is just a coverup so that they can keep their "tax-exempt" status on everything else.

    The TRUTH is that it's a publishing corporation that is using the DISGUISE of being a "religion" to make money. And, by definition and LAW... that is exactly what it's supposed to do: make money for its shareholders. And anyone at the "top" with any fiduciary responsibility (which, BTW, is not necessarily the GB, as they are all not necessarily acting "officers" of the corporation) who doesn't meet this goal... can be removed. By the shareholders (who are not all JW's, not by a long-shot)... and/or by the government.

    They (everyone under the GB) are imposters... false prophets... wolves... in sheep's covering. So, just because it LOOKS like a sheep, and maybe even SOUNDS like one from time to time... doesn't mean it IS a sheep. The GB... are false christs and the "head" of this particular "daughter of Babylon the Great," that harlot that says she "sits a queen." She is LOADED, folks, don't you doubt it. Revelation 17:4

    But here is the SADDEST thing of all:

    "The prophets (the wolves) themselves actually prophesy in FALSEHOOD... and as for the priests (GB), they go subduing according to THEIR powers (which they created when they sat themselves "in the seat of Moses" - Matthew 23:2)... And my own people HAVE LOVED IT THAT WAY..." Jeremiah 5:31

    They are blind... and being led by blind guides... and loving it. And what can you do? You can keep trying to reach them... and keep praying for them. Because most of us here were also caught up in that D-E-N-I-A-L ("Don't Even kNow It's ALie"), are thankful that we no longer are, and would be hypocrites if we wished anything less for them.

    Oh, and the "least" of Christ's brothers would include fleshly Israel. Because my Lord did not say, "The least of these my spiritual brothers." He was a Jew in the flesh, so that ALL Jews... in the flesh... are his brothers as well. Does that mean run, go out and be "nice" to a Jewish person? It could. Mostly, it means not stepping over one who is lying in the road (even if that road is in Brooklyn, NY, and the Jews of that neighborhood left your loved one to die in the street because the ambulance could not be "contaminated" with someone not considered "kosher.") It's still "al things you want men to do to you..." And just because someone CALLS themselves a Jew... does not make them a Jew. And just because one CLAIMS to be "anointed" does not make them anointed. And just because one IDENTIFIES themselves as a "christian," does not make them a christian.

    We should "do good" to ALL... because we do not know through whose physical veins Abraham's blood flows... or through whose spiritual veins God's blood, holy spirit, flows. By "devouring windows' houses"... and taking childrens' inheritances, the WTBTS is shows itself to be a reprehensible and wicked "king" of the earth. Revelation 1:1, 2; 1 Samuel 8:9-17

    I bid you all peace... and those who wish them eyes to "see" and "ears" to hear! For no one needs to continue blind and deaf because the Spirit and the Bride are STILL saying, "Come! Take 'life 's water'... free"! Revelation 3:18; 22:17

    A slave of Christ


  • aniron

    If someone is my friend I don't show that friendship by going through a third party.

  • flipper

    A GUEST- I agree with you- the alleged " faithful & discreet slave " is a fraud. The WT society is a magazine printing company pretending to be a religion. It's a well organized corporation designed to use cult mind control to meet it's financial goals. And, yes, I do think there are shareholders in a $$$ way that holds the strings over the WT society. It's all a scam and manipulation.

    ANIRON- I agree. When I deal with friends I deal with them face to face and individually- not through others

  • vivalavida

    That article is based on the words of Jesus at Matthew 25:35-40 where Jesus says that certain things have been done to him and that's why this people are being placed on his right side. These persons ask when did we do all that and Jesus says, well, you did it to my brothers and it's like if you did it to me personally.

    Using this logic, the FDS are trying to get away with requesting BLIND OBEDIENCE from the rank and file members. However, and this is a BIG HOWEVER, if you read those texts, this is what Jesus says would be done to his brothers that he will consider done to him:

    • You fed them
    • You gave them something to drink
    • You received them
    • You visited them in prison
    • You dress them

    NOWHERE is there something, not even an implication, of you OBEYED them, or of the fact that they were RULERS over the rest or anything. Actually the picture that Jesus painted is more of people in a disadvantageous position that are provided help, it actually sounds more like charity. Not people in a very advantageous position demanding. Also the acts of those on his right are only valid because they were VOLUNTARY, not requested or demanded.

    So, in my eyes, even those texts do not provide enough support for all the claims and demands they are making. That, added to what Deutoronomy 18:20-22 which matter of factly applies to them, makes me have absolutely no respect, or fear, or desire to help them.

    Great day,


  • flipper

    VIVALAVIDA- Good points you make for sure. It does not say to obey the " faithful & discreet slave " just do nice things for them, charity and all. The WT society is expert on manipulating their own interpretation of the Bible and convincing it's members it's a fact- not theory. It was to be a giving thing, not demanded by the FDS as you stated

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