Where will you go ...whom will you trust ??

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  • KW13

    i think your question is an important one for Jehovah's Witnesses as well, who worry by leaving the Organization there is nowhere else to go for them. there may not be a set place, and a busy schedule but life can be much more fulfilling.

  • caliber
    may not be a set place, and a busy schedule but life can be much more fulfilling.

    So true... schedules keeps mind and body busy but may postpone critical thinking & quite possibly also fulfillment of happiness in life !

    Likewise lack of schedule may appear to leave a gap in life.. where one has options and must make their own plans & direction

    of approach to life ! There is another expresssion I find turns off ex-JW's ... "needing direction "

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Go? Why do we have to 'go' somewhere? Life can be interesting/fullfilling without all that. I wake up each day, smell the coffee, enjoy the texture that is unique to that day. I flex a few neurons as I desire along the way. I shake a few hands, kiss those I love, and watch the sun set.

    In time, as all flesh experiences, I will go off the scene. The dent I have made will be relatively minor, and then within a few years, no one will even recall. I often think of this when I visit the family plot in the local cemetery. My great great granddad's grave is unadorned. Other than myself, I doubt anyone ever visits his stone. Mine will be the same within a short time frame. This can seek to sadden us if we let it - or we can accept that the cycle of life continues.

    None of this is easy with a JW background - it would not be any easier with any religious background that taught us that we don't really die, that we are 'transformed' as a soul or spirit or by being brought back to life on earth. Yet, reality is better accepted than hidden.

    Trust- well that's another essay isn't it?


  • WTWizard

    Why would I want to trust a life-devaluing, time-wasting, money grubbing, pedophile protecting, crime harboring (and creating) organization that cannot use a stable vocabulary where words keep their meanings intact? With all the s*** I am finding in the news about what the witlesses have been doing (kidnapping, enslaving, and raping children and possibly incest with the resulting children in one case, killing and eating a baby in another), I cannot trust the witlesses. And, for every baby-eating witless, there are going to be a million that would happily let their babies die for persecution or because of a doctrinal issue. And they stifle children's development, forcing them to waste all their time doing field circus (including babies and toddlers).

    At least the world doesn't encourage this kind of disgusting behavior. There are plenty of other places to go. First, regular church is better (while I do not endorse any religion, at least you can go to regular church for the secular benefits even if you don't believe everything they teach). You can go to secular organizations, college (even going out and getting drunk is not as bad, in the long run, as going out and wasting all your time in field circus), a club of your choosing, secular employment, or online. No, none of these are perfect. However, I would rather have a virus or spyware than end up not exploring anything outside the Washtowel at all--or supporting pedophiles and/or a paradigm that so devalues life in the present that people die for it.

  • caliber

    So I take it that would be a no for trust in the WT ?

  • Hope4Others

    I for myself want to always be open minded to new things, and to be the best person I can. I want to really listen to people to

    understand their feelings and thoughts. In doing so I may learn something from others experiences. Life is short, life is to be enjoyed.


  • Chalam

    Jesus of Nazareth

    Amen! Why go to man when you can go to the Son of God?

    All the best,


  • Heaven

    So I take it that would be a no for trust in the WT ?

    LOL @ caliber. You are CORRECT Sir! (Say with Ed McMahon voice)

  • chickpea

    onward: thru the fog!

    i am busy and active participatiing
    in college, in politics, in community!

    where the hell WON'T I GO?

    trust? guess that comes down
    to the tried and true... the people
    who show up and do the work
    of being a friend....

  • cantleave

    Where will I go ---- As far away from the WTS as possible, with my family and as many of many friends as I can (I am working on one or two already, I am surprised how many JW's secretly have doubts).

    I want to spend what's left of my life building my business and enjoying myself without the fear of Armageddon and and displeasing a false god.

    I need to make enough money to compensate for the fact my pension has down the sh*thole! (Nothing to do with the WTS just a crap pension fund).

    I want to encourage my kids to get a decent education and undertake any career they want to without feeling guilty for it.

    I want to be FREE

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