Where will you go ...whom will you trust ??

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  • caliber

    just give your personal thoughts and view.... what are your coping skills....the epitome of your personal motivation in life ??

    Long term goals... or short term" one day at time "(for example )

  • RR
    Where will you go ...whom will you trust ??

    er ... JESUS!

  • PSacramento

    I simply wanna be the best Father, Husband, Son, Brother and person I can be.

    I want to be a loving and caring person and do my best to be patient and understanding.

    I pray to God, through Jesus to give me the strength to be the most that I can be.

  • Hope4Others

    I think many need to get over the fear and guilt that keeps creeping up from time to time. The society does not have the corner market on God. I think that anyone can have a personal relationship with God if they so desire.

    Which brings to mind the idea of holy spirit, Are elders truly appointed by holy spirit? They say they pray over such appointments and then it goes to the Wt. Well they are doing a bad job of it all I would say. I have know those who have been appointed that have lived double lives. Alcoholics, abusers, pedophiles....where is the holy spirit there?

    I feel that some need to wake up that believe God is with that idea. Many Jws are in shut down mode when you talk to them, they are thinking of there next sentence and are not listening to the conversation around them. So they will never get it. They are not truly open minded.

    So where will you go, who will you trust.....Trust your guts! The answers are before you if you truly listen.....that's my motto!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Where will I go? I'll go to my own home which I created myself.

    To whom will I go? Within myself to find power and answers that I need to live, for I am divine like everyone else.


    Where will I go?

    To the General Store..Thats where the liquor/food/tools and gas are..

    Whom will I trust?

    The cat and dog..Thats why I`m going home,after I`m done shopping!


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Amen, Brother Outlaw!

  • straightshooter

    Where will I go? I go to secular work every Monday through Friday. I enjoy it. I should not say this, but I enjoyed my secular work more than going to the meetings and field service when I was regular. I am lucking that my co-workers and boss are understanding and friendly. And I feel I am actually accomplishing something.

    Who do I trust? I use to trust the elders and traveling overseers. BIG MISTAKE on my part! I do not fully trust anybody now. I do trust my wife to a limited extent, she is still a zealous jw. So even with her I feel I have to be careful in what I say.

  • snowbird

    I'm not "going" anywhere.

    I'm simply "resting" in the knowledge that, through Jesus of Nazareth, all will be well.

    I admit it is a hard thing to do, given my JW background of do, do, do.


  • caliber
    What Is Trust ?

    'Trust' indicates a depth and a sense of assurance that is based on strong but not logically-conclusive evidence, or based on the character, ability, or truth shown by someone or something over time or across situations. Trust makes for a sense of being safe or of being free of fear, enough so your focus can be on other matters because that matter is taken care of. It becomes easier to simply enjoy life. Trust breeds confidence and conviction.

    We have a few who Trust in God or Christ or themselves... does this sense of confidence not extent to other humans ? Trust is a risk. We leave ourselves open for loss.... is our sense of betrayal such that no humans are worthy of our trust ?

    Do you see trust more as dependence ? Dependence suggests reliance on the help or support of someone else. It infers that without such help, the task at hand could be accomplished only with great difficulty, if at all. It also infers that the 'someone else' is of higher rank or esteem.

    Have self-esteem issues created by the WT" pecking order" & obedience requirements caused us to shy away from true trust again ?

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