Documentary About The Flood and Noah's Ark

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    Actually, Leolaia, I've heard from Perry before too. I used to be a poster on this forum a long time ago as gretchen956, and I remember you and I have had some interaction in the past. I can't make a profile yet, so I just don't worry about making a disclaimer to every single post I make about "you used to know me under a different name.'

    I enjoy reading your posts.


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  • Leolaia

    Oh yes, of course I remember you!! We chatted via IM a few times indeed....Great to see you and some other old faces around here again. :)

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  • Perry

    'To most old-line paleontologists, the smell of death didn't even register. To Schweitzer, it meant that traces of life might still cling to those bones."

    Leolaia, this is what the article said. It is a fact. You cannot change it no matter how much it disturbs you. Please stop saying that I am the one claiming this. The issue of cadaver odor was a big deal in the Discover article.

    Your answer of "Huh"? from Dr. Schweitzer sounds rather evasive to me. I will contact Discover magazine and find out if they stand by their interview.

  • Leolaia

    Changing what fact? You are acting like I was disputing that there was an odor or that you were the only one claiming that, when in fact I am disputing your interpretation of this fact ... that the smell indicated, in your own words, "rotting dinosaur tissue". The Discover article does not claim this, Mary Schweitzer does not claim this, you claim this.

    I will contact Discover magazine and find out if they stand by their interview.

    Professor Schweitzer would prefer you consult her original scientific publications rather than second-hand synopses, as per the quote from her I presented on the last page of this thread. But if you have any questions on the matter, why don't you contact her yourself?

  • Perry


    You are being totally deceptive here and you know it. Is it possible to have cadaver stink from non-organic matter? Of course not. Everyone knows this. What do you hope to accomplish by suggesting otherwise?

    I am not the one claiming cadaver stink. The article references Dr. Schweitzer and her "boss" Dr. Horner as confirming this, not me. Please stop calling it an odor as if you can somehow change the fact that it was cadaver stink.

    In order to make any sense at all, you would have to somehow show that cadaver stink can and does occur without rotting tissue. You are usually a pretty cool poster.... why are you all of the sudden becoming unhinged?

  • MissingLink


    That's why my kids are not allowed to watch The Simpsons !
    I used to read a lot of books before I found out "every man is a liar" . Now I just read one.

    Oh please tell me you didn't reproduce! Doesn't Texas have enough idiots?

  • avishai

    So...according to Perry... the flintstones is a reality show...

  • TheOldHippie

    Leo - just for the record, the Black Sea flood findings deal only remotely with its possible impact on oral tradition, it deals with ancient sea beds, sediments, sudden appearance of sea shells from a salt water environment into what is now a fresh water lake etc. In short, it deals with geology and sea bottom sediments, the development of the Mediterranean and Black seas, and lives its own life quite independantly of the various oral traditions of the area.

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