Documentary About The Flood and Noah's Ark

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  • darkl1ght3r

    And what "holes" would those be Perry? Do you cite deficiencies in one theory as evidence for your own? That's not how science works. Positive claims require positive proof. But the evidence for a 4.5 billion year old earth is iron clad, and is based on physical laws that your god supposedly put in place. If you like I can go into more detail as that is a subject I've spent some time researching. But If you think that the current scientific model leaves a few things unexplained, there are a myriad MORE unexplainable problems that would arise from trying to force a young age onto this 13.5 billion year old universe (and 4.5 billion year old earth).

    And about your "footprints", that's been debunked. Sorry.

    And about your question to homer... If God says the earth was ruined, but it wasn't. Doesn't that mean God lied? Or maybe that wasn't God at all. And, personally, I am critical of man's genocides. But man is not God. And I am particularly critical of the fact that most of them were done in the name of your God. And the fact that the framework that allowed those atrocites to take place still exists, and still holds power over many minds.

  • Leolaia

    Hi Blue Grass....Thanks for the clarification, and wow, that's a weird coincidence in terms of the title of the documentary and the theory you described ("a meteor hitting the ocean creating a tsunami that flooded the entire earth"), that certainly misled me to the wrong docu.

    I haven't seen that "Search For Noah's Ark" program but I think I know now the theory you are referring to. I have encountered it in recent writing on the subject, and it is certainly less "woo" than the outlandish theory espoused by the "In Search of Noah's Ark" documentary. It is discussed in detail in the article "The Archaeology and Anthropology of Quaternary Period Cosmic Impact" by W. Bruce Masse published in the 2007 book Comet/Asteriod Impacts and Human Society.

    I am of two minds about Masse's theory. He gives a good survey of recent Holocene impact craters and I myself have noted the suspected impact crater at Umm al Bini in southern Iraq (which would have been in shallow waters offshore in the third millennium BC) which, if a genuine impact crater, dates only to the Holocene period and which must have been formed prior to recorded history (unfortunately the conflict in Iraq has precluded on-site research). Such an impact could have quite plausibly created the kind of flooding attested archaeologically in southern Mesopotamian sites. I am much less satisfied with Masse's handling of mythological data. He takes a potpourri of flood and world destruction myths that contain elements that could be construed as reminiscent of asteroid/comet impacts and relates them all (or many of them) to a single hypothetical impact event (as opposed to, say, exploring what other kind of literary/narrative background there may be to such myths). The most speculative and unconvincing claim is his attempt to date the impact event to May 10, 2807 BC on the basis of selected astrological details in myths and literary texts that can only be tenuously and arbitrarily linked together as representing somehow a common tradition. This includes a prediction by a 9th century AD Arab astronomer on what the position of the planets would be on Judgment Day. I find it a real stretch to think this eschatological expectation, which isn't even explicitly about a primeval deluge, preserves a historical memory of the alignment of the planets on the eve of a hypothetical asteroid impact nearly four millennia earlier. Nor are planetary conjunctions a conspicous feature of most flood myths. And it strikes me as suspicious that the planetary conjunctions he mentions are those in Pisces and Aquaries, constellations that intrinsically pertain to water. It seems rather facile that he takes these at face value as reflecting a single historical planetary conjunction in the distant past when there is a more obvious explanation of why these constellations figure in certain flood myths and statements predicting a future flood or destruction of the world.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Perry, I asked god if he caused the great flood and he said he didn't have a thing to do with it

    and he said that he gets annoyed whenever there is a natural disaster around the world men quickly

    come to the conclusion that I did it out justifiable vengeance.

    He also said that for decades now he has been making huge financial contributions to universities and colleges

    to educate the public on why these these natural disasters occur.

    You know he might not be such a bad guy after all

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    And about your question to homer... If God says the earth was ruined, but it wasn't. Doesn't that mean God lied? Or maybe that wasn't God at all. And, personally, I am critical of man's genocides. But man is not God. And I am particularly critical of the fact that most of them were done in the name of your God. And the fact that the framework that allowed those atrocities to take place still exists, and still holds power over many minds.

    You took the words right out of my mouth DARK1 ......good one

  • villabolo

    Perry, the dinosaur/giant human footprints is an old misinterpretation by Creationists. The footprints were left by a particular species of dinosaur that was stepping in mud at different angles and different states of hardening. If the terrain was flat it would leave an imprint of its foot and three toes in the mud obviously identifying it as a dinosaur. But if it walking at a downward incline the three toes would arch upwards not leaving an imprint which would allow someone with imagination to interpret the footprint as humanoid and giant. Imagination bows down to reason as you realize that the human foot should leave five toe prints which you would not find in the fossilized field.

    All of this information can be found in the book Science and Earth History by Arthur Strahler which is dedicated to answering almost every Creationist claim. The section on the footprints even contains diagrams of those dinosaur prints. I strongly recommend that book to anyone who wants to see both sides.

    As to an asteroid or comet striking the earth and causing a flood like that described in the Bible there would be a totally different kind of flooding than described in the Genesis account. Such a tsunami may perhaps sweep over the earth (if the comet is large enough) but it would rush right back into the ocean basin in far less time than the Genesis account states. It would also come on with such strength that it would shatter human artifacts like the ark into pure kindling. The Bible makes the flood come on more gently than that. Also the Bible says that the waters dissipated because of a wind, that's not a how a tsunami works.


  • Cadellin

    Another thought: If there WERE remnants of an ancient Noachian ark languishing at the top of Mt. Ararat in Turkey, rather than blocking any access to it, don't you think the Turkish gov't would be tripping over themselves to set up a tourist site and charge plenty of moola for access to it? There'd be travel agencies in Turkey dedicated to arranging visits, with nice fat receipts going to the gov't, special fees for visas to enter the country to visit Mt. Ararat, etc.

  • Perry

    Seen your link before dark...utter nonsense. We all start out with generally the same access to the same information. Some people see clear examples of dino/human prints, others "see" erosion. How someone could make that erosion claim with a straight face is beyond any possible definition of honesty IMO. But, they do. That is why humans are so scary, they can force themselves into total deception at will.

    Recent examples of "stinking", "rotting" dinosaur tissue, soft tissue, hemoglobin and protein fragments just add to the fossil record of dinosaurs and humans co-existing, destroying many evolutionary claims.

    That's why I went Glen Rose, Tx myself, saw the evidence, talked with Dr. Baugh.

    If evolutionary scientists are going to make an "unassailable" theory of our uniform/non-catostrophic history it ought to at least have something better to present than denial and accusations of "liar".

    The reality is that these discoveries and others like them, while not disproving an old age for the earth, do provide evidence that evolutionary scientists can and do see what they want to.... just like everyone else.

    Don't drink the Kool-Aide!

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    That foot print Perry was actual made by this fellow, there's an actual video of the event taken by a reliable source.

  • Perry

    That's why my kids are not allowed to watch The Simpsons !

  • villabolo

    Perry, before you make any judgmental accusations against others why don't you get the book I recommended and see what evolutionary scientists are saying without the Creationist filters? It seems (what's new in this world) that you buy into every claim made by people who don't even have the desire, let alone discipline and scientific education, to see the world as it is.

    As far as that Creationist cliche that we all start out with the same information but interpret it differently (With yours being the accurate interpretation) that also applies to the Bible and the hundreds of sects that interpret it differently. But the rational way of interpreting either the Bible or nature is the scientific way.


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