Original "Sin" does NOT exist in the Bible.

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  • sinis

    No, I do not interprete the scriptures MY way. Read the Sumerian texts. The OT was borrowed lock stock and barrel from the Sumerians. Abraham was a resident of Ur a Sumerian city, he knew the "myths", adopted Enlil (YAHWEH) as his god INSTEAD of the patron god of his fathers (ENKI -SATAN) and from there he crafted the OT based solely on Sumerian works. Read the Bible in its ORIGINAL word for word translation, it will open your eyes.

    How many people did "Satan" kill in the OT? How many did YAHWEH? Cyrus mentions Jehovah as being the Almighty and controlling all of the Kingdoms of the Earth and to whom Jehovah wants to he gives them. And yet we are told that Satan in the NT controlls ALL the kingdoms of the world and will offer them for one act of worship. Enlil - equating to Jehovah in the Sumerian texts is depicted as a Bull god, hmmmm, maybe the golden calf the Israelites were worshipping was not too far behind this. Enki - Satan, is depicted as the God of Wisdom, Medicine, and the Great Teacher and Healer... hmmm, sounds alot like Jesus.

    How many people did Jehovah resurrect in the Bible? How many did Jesus? Why would Jehovah tell the Israelites to errect a copper serpent and gaze upon it for health (the serpent - caduceus - is the symbol of Enki - Satan in Sumeria)? Why did Jesus tell the Israelites that they have neither known his father nor worshipped him, for if they had they would have seen Jesus and believed? Why did Jesus set the Mosiac law on its head by indicating that HIS father does not want sacrifice but mercy? Who was Jesus father? He never indicates by name who he was, but you can put the pieces together. It resembles many of the characteristics of the so called "Satan".

    "Satan" did not lie in the beginning - man would NOT die in that day (please do not give the Pauline bullshit about a day being a year - because that was NOT the indication at the time that event took place). Man WOULD be like god - Jehovah reaccerts this. Same story different characters - Prometheus, Enki, and on and on...

    You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Has anyone here read the Satanic Bible? Its not what you think. Read it, it brings ALL the pieces together. "God" is NOT what you think he or them are. He is not omipotent, omniscent... he does not give two shits about you or I. The ONLY one who seems to care would be what the Christians and all other major religions term "Satan". This is the biggest lie EVER perpetuated in the history of man... "sin" does not exist. Never has, never will...

  • PSacramento

    Ok, well, if you just look at the Gospel of Matthew, since you mentioned Jesus before, the term sin appears 10 Times in the NIV, you should look into that, just for shits and giggles.

    LOL !

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    The Bible really does suck. I grew up with it and let me tell you, more harm came along with Biblical references than any without the Bible. For example: My dad insulting my mom because the Bible says that women are beneath men in everything. My mom quoted Bible scriptures to me while beating me with a belt. The Bible sucks!

  • sinis

    Once again, "who" is "god"? Open your eyes man. It is NOT what you think it is. It is NOT black and white... where is the "sin" in this definition that results in sickness and death? I'm waiting... Where in the Genesis account does it say that man was immortal, based on the whims of "God"?


    1. Deliberate disobedience to the known will of God.
    2. A condition of estrangement from God resulting from such disobedience.
  • PSacramento

    White Dove,

    The bible is a book, books don't suck, people do !


    Dude, its ok if you think that way, I'm not the one to change your view or do I even want to, you are entitiled to it and to express it, as I am entitiled to not agree with it.

    My view of sin by the way is not the typical biblical view anyways.

    Live and let live Bro.

  • moshe

    Our Rabbi mentioned in her sermon last week that orginal sin is not a Jewish teaching. No child is born inherently sinful. Pauline teaching about this subject is flawed to say the least. Jesus saves, as they say, but only if it is something invisible.

    Let's see, animals don't sin, because the use instinct to operate with, but neither do they know that they will grow old and die one day. They have no conscience either. One day, many many thousands of years ago humans became conscious thinkers and rejected insintict in favor of independent decision making, just like a god. Mankind wanted freedom,too- but it came with a price- the knowledge that they will one day die and that in itself changed how humans lived. Ever since then people have worried about their medical care, how much wealth they have accumulated and will their kids take care of them when they can't hunt or work any longer.

  • sinis

    Its sad that you put blind faith into something that will NEVER transpire. You really should do research outside of the realm of the Bible. You would realize that the Bible borrowed, begged, and stole from MANY cultures...

  • sinis

    Mosche, I would be interested in what your Rabbi thinks of this quote:

    "Whoever shall find out the true sense of the Book of Genesis ought to take care not to divulge it…If a person should discover the true meaning of it by himself, or by the aid of another, then he ought to be silent, or if he speaks he ought to speak of it obscurely, in an enigmatical manner, as I do myself... and if you know, you should never ever tell..."

    - (Rabbi Moses Maimonides)

  • BurnTheShips

    According to the teaching, Original Sin is no fault of ours. It is something we inherited. This is true in both Eastern and Western Christianity. There is Original Sin, and there is Actual Sin. The two are not the same. Really, "Original Sin" is not a sin at all. The term is misleading. What it refers to is a state that humans have existed in since the Fall. A newborn baby has not sinned, he/she is not yet capable of sinning. Yet we are all born into a fallen state where we exist in a separation from God.


  • PSacramento

    BTS, has kicked the correct in the crotch !

    From my understanding "original sin" was our mortality, we are all born mortal, mortality being the "original sin", quite different than sinning.

    But if you don't like that word, that's cool, choose another.

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