Governing Body: Why Do You Want The Disloyal?

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  • stillin

    imagine the shock wave if the GB allowed for disfellowshipped ones to be viewed as "worldly neighbors." After all of the families having been shatterred by "the old arrangement.". The hardliners who discarded thier free-thinking children years ago, like as if they were just trash, would be standing there, scratching thier heads, saying, "WTF???!"

  • jookbeard

    Janesy, I enjoyed the post, it's far from a rant, would you like to explain your objection a little more

  • hotspur

    I smell a fish! Remember "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish"? Reniaa's farewell.....

    Janseyhull - Hull is an area in North-East England...... now for the cruncher!

    Follow this link

    Good questions BTW

  • jookbeard

    can someone see if the IP patches are similar

  • janseyhull

    Hey, thanks for all the replies. Didn't know I could garner so much attention with one comment.

    Blue- Thanks for the welcome
    Meta- Both your original comment and reply have a tinge of bitterness to me.Will be glad to discuss if we keep it civil
    Gubber- So your the one who always notices a misspelled word
    Tenyears- Would love to discuss more - regret I have very little "free time" to check in here so please bear with me.
    Jook- Yes I would like to explain and continue the discussion - but only in a civilized way
    Hotspur- No, not from England, would love to visit sometime though.

    Now, one at a time please..........

  • wobble

    Janseyhull accuses us of ranting and being insecure, I might have a rant one day if I can muster the energy,58 years in the Borg was draining, but insecure ?

    I am very secure in the sure knowledge that the WT/JW's is not God's organization and never was.

    If it was it would spit out the disloyal,or " lukewarm" as Jesus says in Revelation.



  • janseyhull

    Never accused ALL of you of being insecure. Just curious though wobble. Why did it take you so long to come to this realization?

  • janseyhull

    Wobble, I would appreciate your observations on this disloyalty and lukewarmness you experienced and since this element has not been spit out

    are you suggesting that it therefore could be God's organization? If not, then just where do ones searching for god go?


  • janseyhull

    ummm...... why did you guys abandon me

  • janseyhull

    are my questions to difficult?

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