Governing Body: Why Do You Want The Disloyal?

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  • metatron

    I address this question to the Governing Body, to their internet monitors or to any apologist who might want to speak for them.

    Why do you want disloyal people in your "clean" organization?

    It should be evident by now that an untold number of people in the organization do not really want to be Jehovah's Witnesses any longer. Specifically, they don't want to attend meetings, or to donate money to the WorldWide Work, or spend real time going door to door. They are consorting with outright apostates on the internet and turning in fake field service reports and spilling confidential material online.

    Why do you want to hold on to them? How does retaining dissenters benefit you?

    I suppose the answer to the above is that you feel "We can't let go of shunning and disfellowshipping". Really? Can't you create a more moderate outlook on shunning family members? Can you establish an unannounced hard cutoff for judicial action on people who fade away? That they are not 'disassociated' but simply no different from a 'worldly' neighbor?

    Are you afraid that the organization will crumble to pieces if you make these changes? Well, if that's true, then what does it say about the publishers that you have gathered? That they serve out of compulsion or fear? That they do not serve because of "love"? That they need threats of loss of family and friends to keep them in line?

    But aren't there many churches with zealous and fanatical members who attend and contribute without threats such as the Watchtower insists on? Are Mormons more moderate in their church discipline? Do born again churches function without the sort of legalistic view that the Society insists upon? Are there still lots of zealous Catholics around even though the threat of excommunication is remote?

    Now, we might as well use other churches as a comparison, Brothers, because it should be plain by this point that your self praised Organization isn't spiritually clean anyway - the problem of internal dissension as above disproves it!

    Why do you endlessly waste paper on Watchtower articles that order your flock to obey and be loyal when it is manifest that it isn't working? When is enough.....enough?

    It was nothing but stubborness and greed to dominate others that motivated Pharoah to refuse to let Moses' people go. Is that your problem too?


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Good question Metatron. I think it's born out of insecurity; if their faithful flock was exposed to the truth then how many would remain faithful?

    The conscious class have to be kept locked down.

  • sir82
    Why do you endlessly waste paper on Watchtower articles that order your flock to obey and be loyal when it is manifest that it isn't working? When is enough.....enough?

    Because these guys don't have enough gray matter between the 9 of them to work out a high school algebra word problem, much less actually think of something new to try.

    WT philosophy: "Well, these particular words didn't have the desired effect the first 86 times we wrote them, but maybe this time it will work"

  • bluecanary

    Beautifully written, metatron. Too bad they'll never answer. As your post suggests, fear and compulsion are what keep the GB going as well.

  • janseyhull

    beutifully written?
    it's nothing but a rant. from someone who is very insecure.

  • bluecanary

    Welcom to the forum janseyhull. If you disagree, please say which parts you disagree with and why so we can have a discussion about it.

  • metatron

    Bring it on, Janseyhull.

    If you actually have the guts to do so. If you don't like my logic, feel free to point out what's wrong - Unless you're just another "Reniaa" - who offers a sentence or two and then flees in terror.


  • gubberningbody

    Have you ever noticed the habitually poor spelling of the dedicated JW apologist?

    Nice meta...

    Have you considered sending it via certified mail to one of the GB personally?

    This way they'd have to sign for it personally.

  • Gregor

    Just to put a different perspective on your great question.

    Why did the Soviet Union build a wall to keep East Germans inside, even if they had to shoot them if they tried to escape?

    Disfellowshipping is the Watchtower Society version of razor wire.

  • flipper

    METATRON- Very well thought out questions and sincere. Has the GB replied yet ? I thought so . I'm hearing crickets like you probably are. It's too bad the Jehovah's Witnesses lost some of their best people - people like Metatron and others here who SINCERELY want to help others.

    In answer to your question " Why does the GB want the disloyal ? " To build up their lagging numbers of people who are exiting the cult every year. Some they'll check on- many they won't because they can't put a wiretap on every computer. They'd rather have ANY publishers ( including deceptively disloyal) than NO publishers. Gotta keep those statistics and numbers up to be reported so the rank and file witnesses don't see the real truth- that behind the scenes MORE are leaving than the WT society cares to admit

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