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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Yesterday we had a serious conversation with my wife. I repeatedly explained her, that never ever I will go in field service as JW, becouase based on facts, I realized, that many of the JW teachings are not true. I showed her several logical examples as 1914, 607, 1919 as JW being chosen as the only true by JC, blood issue and some others.

    wife: Its minor issues...

    me: it is not, since for not believing in these anybody could be DF and thus sentenced to death

    wife: but we have the truth

    me: why do you say so?

    wife: becouse we grew so big..

    me: Mormons and Adventists have started at the same time as JW and they are much bigger now ... So they have more truth?

    wife: But we have assemblies...

    me: Moonites have bigger assemblies...

    wife: but we preach...

    me: other religions also preach, otherwise they would die out....


    Did you have similar converstion? How do you deal with it?


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Wow! I'd have to say to just give up on it. Live and let live or go on making your life miserable. She is telling you through that illogical argument to quit now.

  • yknot

    Did you ask her what exactly is that 'truth'.....

  • alanv

    Yes I have had more or less the same conversation with my 31 year old son. Like you I give very sensable answers and just like your wife he quickly moves on to something else. You could show 20 times the error of there ways but if there is one small thing where you may not have all the facts they will pounce on that. In their eyes that makes everything you say as wrong. I once said to him the date the internet was invented about two years before it actually was ( a simple mistake), but that apparantly now means that everything else I say is wrong. I do feel for you.

  • OnTheWayOut

    It's circular logic at it's finest.

    From jwfacts.com:

    circular watchtower reasoning

    Note the rest of the simple facts about this at http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/15-minute-guide-to-truth.php
    where the chart comes from.

    I have had plenty of similar discussions with my wife. I now try to reach her authentic non-cult personality and core of beliefs beyond WT-implanted stuff. I do that by not directly speaking against WTS, but speaking about views shared on the news, current topics, education. I call her on judging people outside her precious JW's, asking her what they do so much better.

  • alanv

    White Dove, you don't give up on people you really love. Most of us know what it can do to families and they are not good things

  • isaacaustin

    circular reasoning at its finest. I would point out that they preached untruths for many years, such as the 1914 generation...etc

  • yknot

    Actually many JWs can't explain the 'truth' about 1914, 1918-1919 like in times past much like many don't have a clue on WTS mediatorship.

    I am just saying sometimes getting them to explain in their own words makes them think a little harder...... and as time marches on all those dates are going to start looking stupid.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Arguing with them is pointless. I don't see the need to disturb the peace. Obviously, when a person persists in their illogic, that is the time to stop. I mean, what's next? How do you get that circular reasoning to stop?

  • AGuest

    May you have peace!

    I personally have no family with which to have these kinds of disputes but I know there are many here who do and they will comment shortly. In the meantime, I'd like to comment that I would deal with it by asking your wife whether the truth changes and, if she answers that it does then I'd probably just leave her be. She most probably will ponder over her response when she's away from you and rightfully conclude that it was totally ridiculous. In which case, you should remain calm (and not accusatory) if she later acknowledges her error (i.e., if she is "man" enough to do so - she may not be and if that's the case you probably should just move on from there.)

    If she responds that it doesn't change (and/or acknowledges the previous error), then I'd ask, "You believe the WTBTS has the truth. Yet, given the many changes that the WTBTS makes in their beliefs, how can that be? Either what they believe now is the truth... or what they believed before was the truth... but both can't be truth. If they had the truth then, then they can't have it now. Or, if they have the truth now, then they can't have had it then. Is it possible that the reason for the changes is NOT progressive understanding (i.e., "new light") but that the TRUTH is that they really DON'T "have" the truth?"

    Then I would show her Jeremiah 8:8... and leave it at that. If she's "ready"... she'll get it. If not, there's really no point in pushing the matter, is there? If she is ready... and comes back for more (i.e., "Okay, Mr. Albie, what do YOU think is the truth and who do YOU think has it?")... I would then show her John 14:6, John 8:32, and John 8:36... and then ask her what, based on that, Christ himself said was the truth. Then leave her to ponder those things.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


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