JWs (my wife´s ....) reasoning:

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  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Either what they believe now is the truth... or what they believed before was the truth... but both can't be truth.

    A guest: Both is truth .... It was the light before, but now it got brighter.....


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Brighter light just improves the visual of the image it is reflected upon it does NOT change the substance of the image .

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Hasn't it been agreed already that endless arguing with them doesn't work, that something personal and bad must happen before they will open their eyes to logic?

  • AGuest

    I get it. Perhaps you can ask her to show you the "scriptural" basis for the "light get[ting] brighter." Unfortunately, she won't be able to find it. Give her some time. And then, if you wish, show her Proverbs 4:18 and tell her, "See, honey, they've even got that scripture wrong. They've misquoted it, entirely. Is it possible that they have other stuff was wrong, too? Maybe even misquoting scripture as to what is the truth? What if I can show you what the Bible says is the truth?"

    Of course, if she's game, show her the verses I gave you above. If not... I'd say leave it be... and love her anyway. "Win" her over NOT by nagging her with how wrong she is but with your example of beng a loving spouse (yes, I know, she probably nags you with how "right" she is... what JW doesn't... but you don't really want to be "like" her in this respect, do you, as that would be hypocritical, wouldn't it?).

    And it really will be easier... for both of you, if you can do that. Of course, if her "righteousness" is too much for you to bear... you can always ask for a compromise... of silence. Meaning you promise not to put them and their beliefs down if she won't put you and your beliefs down. If she has a problem with that... or needs encouragement... show her 1 Peter 3:1, 2. If she is a "good" Witness, then she'll at least have to try and live according to this. If she isn't, then you have every right to ask her why in the world should you listen to her when she can't seem listen to those she claims to follow.

    I bid you peace... in your household and in life.

    Dearest TroubledMind... exactly. Thank you... and peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I've had similar conversations with my wife. I don't think you get anywhere with them but I think it is still good to have them once in a while as long as you can have them respectfully. With me it is usually about once every five years. As others have mentioned they will jump to something else if they don't have an answer for what you have pointed out. If all you are trying to do is win an arguement is usually pretty easy to not let the wiggle out of the question and back them into a corner but it won't change their opinion and will only harm your relationship. When I first left the WT I thought that if I could make my point leaving them no where to go but to admit that what I was saying was right they would admit that the WT was wrong and that would be that...........Boy was I wrong! They lash out like a cornered animal. If you want to stay with your wife I highly don't recommend that approach.

    I like the circular reasoning chart. Simply stated truth to a Jehovah's Witness is whatever the Watchtower says it is.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Aguest and I quit!,

    That is exactly what I was saying! Endless arguing will poison a relationship. Know when to stop feeding the fire. Good comments.

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    wife: But we have assemblies...


  • jookbeard

    I remember sitting at a D/C with my ex wife many years ago and the title of the talk was about the resurrection of everyone to Paradise Earth (B/S I know) including all those pre JC crucifiction, so I opened my Bible (NWT) to the scripture which speaks about the faithful patriarchs being resurrected to a place in heaven which God has prepared for them, so the conversation goes

    " how can Issac, Jacob,Moses, Abraham be resurrected to Earth when your Bible says they are going to heaven?" I say

    "well it's Earth!" she say's,

    "how can it be? I say

    "it's just Earth"

    later that day when we get home , she proceeds to call my elder father and screams and cries hysterically down the phone claiming I had persecuted her all day, it's tough at times but you have to keep plugging away

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    I showed her several logical examples

    No you didn't.

    You might have thought you did.....but

    She wasn't listening.

    I have come the conclusion that you can't tell a Jehovah's Witless anything. As soon as you try, you ID yourself as Apostate and the fingers go straight into their ears, and the more subjects you cover, the harder they jam them in and the louder they chant La La La.

    What might work, if you haven't blown it already, is to just ask one question.

    Make it a good one.

    Ask it in such a way that they feel obligated to do the research and give you an answer.

    You should already know all of the tricks that they will use to avoid answering the question and be prepared to guide them back to it.

    You don't have to 'win'. Just them knowing that they couldn't answer the question, or that they lied to you, might have to be enough for a while. Seeds take time to grow. You can't force them, be patient.

    wife: Its minor issues...
    me: it is not, since for not believing in these anybody could be DF and thus sentenced to death

    When they pull that one, make your reply a question, eg. "What are the consequences of not believing it?" Tell them nothing, make them tell you what they believe, or lie to you. They know when they lie. You don't need to jump on it, just roll your eyes or something, then go and chop some firewood.



  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    It varied from j-dub to j-dub, are some are more open minded than others. Some of them even come to their senses after a while & end up here.

    I'm sure many of you were just as dense once.

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