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  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    Work on her version of the "truth."Reason with her as follows:

    "Many are fearful of even glancing at works critical of JW doctrine believing that something bad will happen to them, but what they really should be afraid of is not paying attention to close criticism because they the risk of committing an unforgivable sin. When the Pharisees attributed the source of Jesus' power to heal and drive out demons to satan rather than the Holy Spirit they blasphemed the Holy Spirit and committed what some argue is the only unforgivable sin (Matt. 12:22-32).

    It is no great secret that the Jehovah's Witnesses attribute the Catholic and Protestant churches' authority to heal, exorcize and minister to the power of satan. But if the Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong, which they are, they are blaspheming the Holy Spirit; this includes all Jehovah's Witnesses who advocate these beliefs through the dissemination of Watchtower Bible and Tract Society literature related to these issues. Rather than dissuading continuous inquiry into the nature and scope of truth, the Bible encourages it for as the apostle Paul cautioned, "be sure of all things.""

    Then, sit her down and force her to read the following section on the divinity of Christ, and the Trinity doctrine which appears to be the biggest obstacle to their objectivity. Best to print it out.


    Then prove to her that there is not such thing as the 144000 anointed JWs as they understand it.


    Then, show her how 607 cannot be true, no matter what they tell her.


    And if that doesn't do it, consider commiting her to an institution for the non-objective and stubborn.

    JD II

  • AGuest

    respond to her statement "But we have assemblies," by showing her God's words stated through the Prophet Amos:

    "I have hated, I have rejected your festivals, and I shall not enjoy the smell of your solemn assemblies." Amos 5:21; Hebrews 1:1

    And when she says, "But that doesn't refer to us [Jehovah's Witnesses], dear" you can ask her, "Well, honey, can you tell me what other religion has 'assemblies'"? Of course, someone – an educated JW "elder" (is there such a thing?) perhaps, would be quite ready to point out that the Hebrew word translated as "assemblies" here doesn't necessarily mean the literal title for large JW conventions – but it is curious (which you can also point out), isn’t it, that they should choose such a description for their meetings, given this particular verse. Sort of like them calling Bethel "Bethel," in light of the fact that, in the Bible, Bethel was a "center of false worship" - see, "Bethel," Insight on the Scriptures, Vol. I.

    But she probably doesn't know that (i.e., re the Hebrew word “assemblies” OR the WTBTS use of “Bethel”)... as the average low-ranking JW is not ordinarily known for having an above-elementary comprehension of etymology… OR what the Bible really says about a[ny] matter... a FACT the WTBTS hedges its bets on. And so, this will probably cause her wheels to turn… or at least move one gear click forward.

    At any rate, I would most probably leave her alone after this because she most likely won't be "in a mood" to "discuss it further" and could actually become surly (perhaps even let "the sun set on [her] anger", which might not only "allow place for the Devil" but result in you ending up on the couch - or out of the house - for an indeterminate period of time - which could be the same thing...).

    And who could blame her? You will have most probably put her in a position where she now HAS to FACE HERFEAR: that perhaps they could be wrong! Which revelation could potentially burst the very fragile and paradaisical we-are-right-everyone-else-is-wrong bubble of ANY "good" Witness... one of THE most frightening prospects they entertain ("Omigawd, they're wrong! The WTBTS is wrong. I was wrong!"). For some, m ore so than fear of Armageddon, IMHO.

    Many of us here have been there...

    Again, I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


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