How do they know Jesus returned invisibly?

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  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    Son of Man: Spirits are unseen to the human eye as they are composed of different elements. Otherwise how could a spirit resist fire and all of the elements that could cause death for a human? They are "incorruptable" as it is written in the bible.

    Estephan, no one is disputing that a spirit is invisible. The question is how could the dub leadership perceive the invisible coming of any spirit (hence the jokes about magic goggles, etc.).

    This is such a simple question that people are asking. Jesus gave us "signs" to look for which would signify his presence upon the earth. How many of you do not understand this? The interpretation of ths signs is what makes the difference. Let me ask, how many people "today", which even include "non-believers" believe that it is the end of the world? Even people who do not read the bible like many of you that study it recognize the tribulations. Again, the "signs" show that Jesus Christ is present.......

    BTW, I congratulate you on one of your longest tenures on this board. I remember when the mods would lock your threads down after only a day or so.

    I know huh

    And thank you for the congratulations.......


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