Should Elderly People Be Forced To Show ID If They Want To Buy Alcohol?

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  • Simon

    If you are paying by credit card, it is a condition of the terms of their merchant agreement with Visa and Mastercard that additional ID is *not* asked for. All that should be requested is the credit card and if they authorize the transaction then that is enough. I've refused to show my driving licene when asked for it in Walmart and Canadian Tire because of this. Why am I bothered? Well, someone could skim your card and if they have your personal details (address, dob) then they can very easily use your card fraudulently.

    The 'being old enough to buy liquor' is a different issue. I'd still rather go elsewhere to buy it esp. if it is for obviously old enough people. Maybe understandable for borderline people who don't appear old enough but even then, scanning it rather than just checking it is too much of an infringement.

  • minimus

    Simon, I never knew that about credit cards. I'm a merchant and never ask for ID. I think I would if I had a suspicion of theft. I know these folks take debit cards. Would this apply the same as credit cards??

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    People over 65 should not be given alcohol at all since they "drive drunk" sober!

  • jeanniebeanz

    I didn't know that about the credit card agreement with merchants either... that's very interesting. Credit card theft is such a big deal here in the US that vendors will still ask to see your drivers licence though. Not so much to verify age in an older person but to be sure that the credit card really belongs to you.


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