Should Elderly People Be Forced To Show ID If They Want To Buy Alcohol?

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  • choosing life
    choosing life

    The first time it happened to me, I was flattered. The second time, it irritated me. I had seen the place get busted for selling to minors the month before so I wouldn't doubt that had something to do with the carding.

    Maybe they have to go on some kind of probation and implement the carding of everyone to keep their liquor license. I still would feel uncomfortable having my license scanned. I wouldn't care too much about them just checking my license to verify my age. Even if it is rather silly.

    Then there is the thought that maybe I don't want to support a place that sells to minors to begin with.

  • JeffT

    Depressing day #1: going through the checkout line on my 21st birthday with a case of beer and my ID in hand. Cashier didn't look at it.

    Depressing day #2: realizing that no one had checked my ID for a very long time.

  • bigwilly

    I'm 34 and I already feel indignant if I have to fish for my ID. I don't and haven't looked under 21 for some time.

    I get a bit spoiled I guess, most of the places I go I'm kinda like Norm at Cheers. Everyone knows me or at least recognizes me. Alot has to do with the fact that the same security service supplies bouncers or event staff to most of the bars and venues here. I don't blend (even in Portland), so I usually only have to show my ID to them once ever.

  • hubert

    Minimus said.....

    "a driver's license" is needed to buy liquor.

    There are a lot of seniors out there that don't drive any more, so won't have a drivers license to show. So, even if they walk to the liquor store they won't be able to buy beer?



  • stillajwexelder

    I hope they continue to lose customers. ABSOFUCKINGLUTLEY STUPID. It pisses me off when I go through SLC airport on Delta that I get IDd - stupid

  • WTWizard

    Next, they will ask someone that is 98 to prove that they are more than 21, and that the ID is not a fake. It is nothing more than a complete waste of time to ask for ID if the person is blatantly older than 21 or if you know the person well enough to know they are older than 21. I would like to see this kind of proof of age and citizenship for those idiots that are making these stupid rules and laws, and causing stores to have to proof people that are 98 years old.

    People are going to get booze if they want it. If they can't buy it, they will make it (ever hear of moonshine booze during Prohibition), or steal it (you don't need to have ID to shoplift a case of whiskey or rum). It will also jack up the price of booze, without giving anyone any value (at least with taxing the stuff, it could be used on DWI checkpoints). Besides, making it more difficult to buy it is going to get those 16- and 17 year olds to want it all that much more--how often do people sneak into R rated movies just so they can break the rules, only to lose interest when they are legally able to enter R-rated movies?

  • brinjen

    That's ridiculous. Here, it's generally the policy for staff to ask anyone who appears under the age of 25 for ID (legal drinking age is 18). The logic being that many 15 year olds look 20 etc... it covers the stores ass legally speaking in other words. The 'everyone shows ID' policy sounds far too impersonal. My sympathies to the staff too, who are forced to implement this... they must really hate it.

  • brinjen
    Depressing day #1: going through the checkout line on my 21st birthday with a case of beer and my ID in hand. Cashier didn't look at it.

    When I used to serve at the cigarette counter I had so many just-turned-18 year olds literally jump up and down with excitement when I asked them for ID. They couldn't wait to show me.

  • minimus

    I'm glad to see these reactions. I feel insulted, personally. Why MUST I have to show ID ? I thought the purpose is to make sure you're at least 21. To arbitrarily do this seems so wrong.

    I wonder if these stores have the legal right to do this.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Does this guy have really bad judgement so that he has to rely on a document in spite of all your gray hair and wrinkles?



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