JW wedding reception - Should I go? Would you?

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  • Girlie

    I've been invited to attend a wedding reception of a "sister" that I was formerly close with. There was no major breaking up of the friendship or anything, other than her not liking a statement I made. Just a distancing apart. However, I haven't heard from this woman in over 2 years, so this is a new discovery for me (actually have heard of her engagement from a third-party).

    Since I am new in my fade and have abandoned all friendships with JWs (except one) not sure if I should attend or not. She personalized the email asking me to attend and I don't want to appear rude. I am very happy for her and do hope the best, but to not hear from this person in such a long time and to all of a sudden receive an invitation is a bit awkward to me.

    I know it is a personal decision, but I am just curious of what would you have done if in this situation?

  • Finally-Free

    If the person was not a JW I might go, depending on how I felt about the person after 2 years of virtually no relationship. Since the person is a JW I would send a card - no gift - and do something more valuable with my time and money. I would not invest time, effort, money or emotion into anything associated with a lifestyle I was trying to fade from.


    edited to add: I don't appreciate people who only seem to remember who I am when it's convenient - like when they want a gift.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have been invited to a wedding or two. But to me, a fade is a fade. The last part of a successful fade is being invisible.
    Sure, I pop up on a RADAR once in awhile when I pick the wife up, but I no longer do any prolonged interacting with JW's.
    The elders don't see a need to look for a reason to DF me if I am not interacting. I wouldn't go if I were you.

  • snowbird

    What (((((((Finally-Free))))))) said.


  • digderidoo

    Depends....if it was a close friend i would go, doesn't mean that you have to stay late.


  • screwproof

    I think people sending invitations after not seeing or speaking to a person after this length of time is just rude, its like screaming out, "Bring me a gift"! I would send a congrat card and no gift. I would not attend. Like someone said, a fade is a fade.

  • Girlie

    In all honesty, I am very surprised that a "brother" is willing to even marry this chick. She has some extreme mental issues.

  • worldtraveller

    The fact that this is a JW wedding adds one more reason in the " HELL NO" column.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I agree with screwproof. Looks like she is inviting everyone she can find in the hopes of maximizing her loot at the end of the day. You said this invite came in the form of an email? Is this something new that wedding invites go out as a mass email and not through the post anymore?

    The whole thing sounds crass to me.

  • feenx

    Well hell in that sense maybe it would be quite entertaining to see this craziness occur. BUT I agree with Finally-Free. Weddings are boring enough (sorry, but it's true) as it is. Yes it's lovely to see people declare their love and have a big party. But lets be honest, unless you're really close with the people it's a loss of a day/evening. Add the history on top of that AND that there hasn't been any contact, and I'd say no. If either of you really felt the need to correspond and/or see each other, than it would've happened. But it didn't and I just don't see any sense in wrapping yourself up in an event filled with people you specifically sought to get away from. Just my opinion :)

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