JW wedding reception - Should I go? Would you?

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  • snowbird

    LOL @ WorldTraveler!

    I didn't go to a friend's daughter's wedding for the same reason.

    It caused a bit of mental anguish at the time, but I got over it.


  • Hope4Others

    If it was someone that was a friend and had not kept in contact for sometime I perhaps would not go being no loss. Send a card or gift and say I could not make it that day.

    If I felt that being in my fade would cause unnecessary questions to arise making me feel uncomfortable or put in an awkward position then I would definitely not go. You know Jw's full of questions. IE so what cong are you attending now? Do you see so and so, how are they doing after______?


  • shamus100

    NO NO NO!

    I know you can't see it, but low-self esteem from the borg is raising it's head here. The 'it's always your fault' scenario. You don't want to appear rude, I hear. True. But it's rude not to have been your friend for 2 years, and it's rude that she will SHUN you the second that you get outted.

    You're wishing her the best, but let me tell you, you've got to look after yourself first, any social protocol needs to come second. You're leaving a high control group and need to get away as much as possible.

  • nelly136

    out of sight out of mind, let sleeping dogs lie

    springs to mind.

    i wouldnt bother putting myself on their radar just cos someone i hadnt heard from for 2 years was angling for a wedding present.

  • yknot

    So you get invited to the reception but not the wedding?

    1. If you want to keep 'cordial' with this person but remain fading........send a dollar-store gift (colander filled with some cheap wooden spoons, spatulas, and cutting mats or a few dishtowels-- actually you could make it look like a floral arrangement if you are creative--or filled with a pasta dinner makings)

    2. If you want to make a point of sending a gift but not actually giving them anything......make a donation of some sort in the couples name.

    3. If you are peeved at the blantant gift solicitation....but wanna still be 'polite'......send a nice gradulations card.

    4. If you don't give two hoots about these two loons.......just don't respond.

    5. You are really pissed at the blantant gift solicitation and wanna be 'mean'........ send a sex-related gift.

    I would not under any circumstances attend the reception unless I was expecting to 're-kindle' the relationship.

    Personally I tend to do number 1 as I am a push-over and love to gift wrap...... while the person or guests rarely remember my gift they always remember my 'presentation'.

  • chickpea

    email invitation?
    to the reception,
    but not the wedding?
    personal? really?

    what on earth would possess you
    to step into a vipers' nest like a JW
    event? life going too swimmingly that
    you feel an urge to get back on b0rg radar?

    only you know what, if any, benefit might
    be gained, but i am def putting my tick mark
    in the "hell to the NO" column

  • creativhoney

    in short it depends on how much you want to have your head pecked all night. if you are prepared to feel uncomfortable then go for it. if you dont think you will, go for it..

  • Finally-Free
    email invitation?
    to the reception,
    but not the wedding?
    personal? really?

    I didn't even think of that. Most normal people send printed invitations complete with reply card and self addressed stamped envelope.

    Are you sure it's a legitimate invitation? It could be a spoofed email from someone trying to put you in an uncomfortable position. It's easy enough to do. (ok, I often think the worst of people, I admit it)


  • yknot

    I missed the 'email' bit too......

    Was it just an email or an e-card (sadly those are gaining in popularity due to economic downturn)

    If it was just a direct email.......OH HELL NO!

    If it was an e-card (I would call around to confirm others were invited by e-card too.....if not refer back to HELL NO)

    Maybe you should ask yourself what you would expect this Sister to do if you had sent her the invite in the manner sent?

  • Finally-Free

    You can always send an e-card back with a couple of these as a gift.

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