JW wedding reception - Should I go? Would you?

by Girlie 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    If you are seriously trying to fade. Don't go. If you are seen as an associate of the cong. you could be veiwed as someone who should be "dealt with". If you have no social ties you will not be seen as a threat should any of your "wrong doing" come to light in the future.

    I don't think I would send a gift. An e-mail invite to a reception is tactless.

  • Girlie

    Thanks all for your replies and for helping me to see the error of my thoughts. What was I thinking? Not gonna go nor will I send her a card. I have no desire to rekindle any relationship with this chick nor do I feel up to an interogation process either.

    I thought the samething. No invitation to the wedding, but an invitation to the reception? Very strange. It was a broadcast email invitation and I too found it tacky as hell.

  • Girlie

    LOL @ Finally-Free. That is the total sum of her and the borg's worth.

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