September 11

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  • VIII

    I was watching the news when the first plane hit the first tower. CNBC actually. The news people couldn't believe it was happening and thought it was a small plane that went off course. They went to live news on NBC and Katie and Matt were on saying it had to be a small plane. It had to be a Cessna they said.

    About 15 minutes later as they were watching from across the river with the CNBC cameras, the second plane was shown flying into the second tower-it was obviously a large plane.

    Over the course of the next hour they showed people jumping from the buildings on live TV. Watching the people on the ground, the shock, the disbelief, the horror, etc., was nothing compared to what the people actually on the ground and in the air went through. New York, DC, Shanksville.

    I cried for days afterward. I couldn't get those images out of my head. Watching the people who went through that, live on TV, was just terrible. I would be driving and suddenly start to cry when I thought about it.

    Every year, when they read the victims names, I listen and cry again.

  • PSacramento

    It was something...I remember seeing it for the first time and I was awe struck by the sight of the plane hitting the Tower...

    And the voices screaming in the video...

    A horrible act of violence and hatred, a sad day for all of us.

  • jeanniebeanz

    About 15 minutes later as they were watching from across the river with the CNBC cameras, the second plane was shown flying into the second tower-it was obviously a large plane.

    That's where I came in... I was watching the news and thought there was a fire in NY... then, the second airliner exploded into the second skyscraper and my heart sank... I felt numb and horrified... called to my husband that we were under attack and that something horrible had happened. I too watched as people were forced to choose between burning to death and a terrifying fall to their death. I remember seeing the rescue workers pour into the towers to save people, and then watched as the towers crashed to the ground crushing them and burying them alive. I cried and cried...

    I remember telling my husband that the Pentagon and the White House was next... sure enough, again to my horror, the Pentagon was attacked. Later in the day, we learned about Flight 93 and that it's target was expected to have been the White House... The bridges were closed for the day in the Bay Area, CA and the TransAmerica tower was evacuated along with a couple other tall buildings in San Fran. I was the on-site HR Regional for a software company in Fremont right near the Dumbarton Bridge and I watched as National Guard troops took control of the bridge and they stayed there for several weeks.

    I'll never forget that horrifying, disgusting, tragic day... Ever...


  • undercover

    I was at work. A guy came in the department and said a plane flew into the WTC. He said it was a jet. We didn't believe him. We figured it was a single engine Cessna or something. Then word came in that a secone plane had hit. Then we knew it was serious. We left the office and went to the bar up the street and stayed there until about 3pm watching it on TV. Then we went home to our families.

  • ninja

    I remember seeing them talking ....saying world trade centre 7 had fallen down on BBC news......20 minutes before it did

  • ninja
  • knows better
    knows better

    we took our kids out of school. we had smoke clouds from the towers. we also went to the beach and watched the smoke rising the day after.


  • VIII

    And at 9:59 am, the south tower collasped. Unthinkable.

    Watching the ash fall on people on the ground and seeing them wipe it off their faces as they cried, again, on live TV, as I cried with them, I will never forget.

  • JWoods

    As many have said before - this attack ranks only with Pearl Harbor as one of the most outrageous unprovoked (yes, unprovoked) acts of international hate that the good people of the United States have ever seen.

    I don't know exactly why, but I could not (psycho-emotionalism, maybe?) drive my normal daily driver car this morning - it is a Porsche 911.

    Even though it was raining like hell here in Dallas, I actually fired up the old Ferrari and let the Targa have her rest for the day.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    I like most, remember seeing on TV, the horror of that day. But for me the reality didn't hit for a couple of days until the cleanup started. I'll never forget reporting to the Fresh kills landfill with my dogs to help recover as many human remains as possible. One of the first things I remember, when I arrived, was watching seagulls fighting over human remains, with the smoke filled NY skyline as the backdrop. There where many other things to graphic to talk about. I wasn't aware of how it affected me, until mounths later at a photo gallery, when I saw a giant photo of a crushed firetruck covered in ash. As I remembered the truck and I could smell the smell.

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