Dealing with a 'molested child' in a Judicial matter.

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  • palmtree67

    Take it from me,

    No one gives a shit what happens to you.

    Not there, not here. No where.

  • jamiebowers

    You may have done her the biggest favor. Hopefully she's out of the cult, received some therapy and went on with her life. Had she not been df'd, you couldn't have forced her molester out of the congregation, and you couldn't have shielded her from the damaging rules of the destructive cult.

    Take it from someone who has been in a situation that parallels her. Pm me if you have any questions.

  • flipper

    DISSED- The fact that it bothered you for years shows you did not ever have ill intentions. Be easy on yourself. You as well as all of us were under the influence of " cult mind control" by the WT society and did things that we wouldn't have done had we all been allowed to follow our authentic, real human personality. You were controlled by the WT society to save the face of the organization and make unjust decisions. Just think what that says about the LEADERS of the WT organization ! Just be glad you have your freedom now. I think Avashai's advice is good advice to write her a letter. Hang in there , glad you felt the freedom of speech here to post this

  • etna

    DISSED, I feel for you and the girl. Are you still going to the meetings or have you stopped? I also think avishai is right in trying just to see if she is alright. I can't imagine how she would have felt being molested when she thought in Jah's organization there would be protection.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    You are human. You were a controlled human then. Even worse.

    Find the human you hurt, tell her how it has bothered you for all these years. Make peace with yourself and her. Explain it to her, like you explained it to us. Then beg forgiveness.

    This woman is perhaps raising children in the midst of that pedophile jungle. She needs to understand that there is life outside. Her knowing that you were controlled by a publishing company with evil rules might help her to understand that she can leave, if she hasn't already.

    I wish you well. Oh my what a pained situation.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Take it from me,
    No one gives a shit what happens to you.
    Not there, not here. No where.

    Palm, are you saying that there is no love anywhere? Are you hurting tonight? I care deeply about alot of people, both there [inside the cult] and here [on this forum and in the space I physically occupy as I write this], so what you write is not true if you mean it in general. Check your pm's.

    Peace Jeff

  • quietlyleaving

    dissed how awful for you

    I was studying with a man who was progressing and coming to the meetings. He was sharing in service and was planning on Baptism. As she brought to our attention during the Judicial meeting, he was the one who molested her some years ago. She was deeply troubled and in turmoil the more he advanced.

    You could see her security, comfort and protection of the congregation that she previously felt was gone.

    After our first meeting with her, I asked the other brothers if they knew about this, the molester? Too my surprise, both knew, as well as all the Elders did, except me. Being new on the body, I wasn't told, even though I was studying with the man. Besides, the man had been convicted, served time in prison, and they felt he was okay.

    and yet bethel insists that the congregation is protected, that bible study conductors, and elders dealing with new ones keep a vigilant watch for predators. At the same time they say parents are responsible if anything happens to their children but what they don't tell you is that elders are trained by CO's to withhold info that would enable parents to do so. This is an active policy of Jehovahs witnesses. Don't blame yourself or feel too bad, dissed. You have put your story on JWN as a warning for others at the right time for you. Even if you never get to find and contact the vicitm there are still others who are about to experience what you have described and it isn't too late for parents to take authority over their children from the WTS and reduce their trust and faith in the organisation in order to protect vulnerable ones.

  • hotspur

    It's so easy to be hard on yourself..... you were/are Captive to a Concept, one which can be so ungodly and unchristian at times. Seek your own forgiveness and move on. It's good advice to see if you can find this person and apologise and leave that there, with her.

    What bothers me is the sheer arrogance and unthinking nature of the whole paedophile scandal coupled with their Judicial process. How an idiot like this CO say, "You must do the right thing" and yet cover over the REAL cause of the problem? The nutter molestor who, presumably, is still in WTS circulation! HE is the one to whom the JC should have done the right thing and when that's done - out the CO for potentailly destroying another innocent life whilst pursuing their 'pipedream' of their Spiritaul Paradise! Laudable objective but needs true Christian Love.


  • homeschool

    You are human. You possibly did her a favor. <-----------very good comments, whoever said that above

    Ya never know, she might just be on this forum and see your post. Sincere apologies do make a world of difference.

  • carla

    This story should be in newspapers.

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